Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vogue Russia Debut

Adding to the September issues tally, Freja marks her debut in Vogue Russia with a simple, understated editorial.

I Remember
Vogue Russia September 2009
Ph: Willy Vanderperre

Her body is very much on display a way, more so than we've seen before. The angles and pared down clothing in some shots really show you that Freja's body belongs in the high fashion realm. This is a realm where thin dominates so that clothes can hang on a model like they would hang from a hanger. (I've always found it so strange and paradoxical that many designers design this way rather than designing for the body.) She's extremely thin, but she's never seemed unhealthy to me. Her proportions are just so that you can tell she belongs to the lucky category of people who are genetically blessed with supermodel measurements.

I've noticed that Freja has been taking more risks with her body in her editorial work. Maybe this is just the by product of working with a different set of photographers like Terry and Willy who run in more arty/less mainstream circles. But I do think her posing is getting stronger and more varied, so it could be a combination of both factors. As Freja matures and settles into her fashion role, she's becoming more comfortable with herself and it shows.

As silly and inconsequential as this sounds, I also think Freja's hair plays a part in all of this. The second we see her locks growing out she immediately begins to work more. In additional to working more in general, she's working more outside her assigned stereotype of the androgynous, rebel girl. In an industry based entirely around one's appearance, I guess it should come as no surprise that something like hair length can have so much clout.

Nearly all the September issues have been released, and while I would have liked to see Freja on one of the Vogue covers, I'm just happy to see that she's been getting lots of steady work showcasing her diversity and range. I hope this bodes well for the upcoming September shows.

Image Credits: Beautiful scans by tFS member achAT

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so many September debuts for freja.