Friday, August 28, 2009

September Stats

Freja has quite a showing in the various September issues. In case you didn't know, magazines' September issues are arguably the most important ones out of the whole year. The months of summer slump end, fall fashions come out in full force, and new ads are debuted. With another set of runway shows during the same month, September is the time to gear up, get serious and start making money. It's the fashion industry's version of going back to school.

With all of this in mind, I think the models who have a strong showing in September magazines have a leg up on their peers because they are fresh in casting directors' minds. You can probably count on these girls to have a successful (either in show quantity or show quality, depending on the status of the girl) runway season and a slight head start on castings for the next campaign season. (For example, Anna Selezneva was a virtual unknown before she landed on last year's Vogue Paris September cover and now she's ranked 14th on the list.) It's always good to have your face everywhere right now, and Freja's had her best September yet. Let's count it up.

In addition to seeing her in the ads for Gap, Pollini, J Brand Jeans, Gucci and Chanel, Freja can also be seen in:

Editorial for Vogue UK September 2009 Issue
Editorial for Vogue Russia September 2009 Issue
Editorial for V Magazine September 2009 Issue
Cover of and editorial for Purple Magazine F/W2009 Issue

A great mix like this of the big name and cult magazines guarantees maximum exposure to all parts of the fashion market. It's quite amazing. I don't think we've seen Freja work this much since the start of her career! I just hope this level and caliber of work continues!

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Anonymous said...

That's very impressive. can't wait 'til SS10 starts.