Friday, June 12, 2009

In NYC with HGO

Remember Freja's blog post about two weeks ago on her official site? Remember this excerpt?
packed for 4 days in Monaco and now have to do a bigger roundtrip to Paris and then New York
Remember how I told you to keep your eyes open? Well, thanks to the ever vigilant tFS member slow_hands, we have a Freja sighting in NY via the modelinia twitter. So, true to her blog post, Freja is on the move and presumably hard at work.

Even though you can't really tell because of the blurriness of the picture, she's with Hanne-Gaby Odiele outside the Ksubi store. It seems like they're just chilling so I doubt it's work related. Perhaps just two friends hanging out and doing some shopping on a sunny spring afternoon in the city.

I didn't know that Freja and Hanne were friends, but it doesn't surprise me. Hanne is friends with Sheila Marquez and I'm pretty sure Freja and Sheila are friends. I think Sheila is also dating Christian Brylle and we know that Freja and Christian are friends. Maybe I should draw a diagram?

Anyway Hanne seems like an awesome, laid back girl and she's a fabulous model. It took me a while to warm to her, but now I'm a total fan of her unique look and amazing sense of personal style. Check out this video of her navigating her amazing closet and see the effortless way she pairs pieces together. This is part of the reason she won me over. When her modeling career ends she should definitely look into becoming a stylist.

By the way, I didn't mean for this post to come off as a walking advertisement for modelinia. It just happened that way. I swear they're not paying me......much. :)

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