Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gucci Behind the Scenes Video

I love this video (and I absolutely love the entire Gucci campaign now as well). The whole concept is very cool, and very fitting for the FW0910 Gucci collection. From what I can gather, each model embodied a different persona during the shoot. Freja was "The Unbendable," and you can see her part in the video starting around 3:40. If you pay close attention you can get the other models' personae as well.

Old "Making Of" Gucci videos have simply featured models dancing and moving around, but this one is different. This one was purposefully made to become a behind the scenes video. Videos from past seasons always seemed like an afterthought. While the photographers were shooting the campaign, someone just happened to be taking video so Gucci took the footage, set it to some music and called it a behind the scenes video.

This one differs in that it has a concept and the models were filmed specifically to convey that concept. Like I said before, each model played a role during the shoot, and each model has a segment during this video. Footage is set to an overlay of the other models' voices and if you listen closely you can pick out distinctive one like Raquel's, Abbey Lee's and Anja's. They all utter descriptive words and phrases about each other, but it's unclear to me if their mutterings refer to the model's persona on set or persona in real life.

Here is what I could make out from Freja's segment. She is The Unbendable. She's tough and hard. Edgy and straight down the line (according to Abbey Lee). She's up for any adventure (according to Anja). She's steady, unbendable, loyal and she doesn't beat around the bush. These are all qualities I would associate with Freja, but of course I don't really know the real her. Just the "her" that she allows me to see through her work. So maybe there is a third persona at play here? The video persona, Freja's real persona, and the persona that we see as fans.

Anyway, I'll spare you by not delving further into that thought. Freja also says something about herself, but it was hard to make out. I heard "I'm the one that talks a lot." Did anyone else hear that as well? By the way, I love her voice. So unique sounding and slightly raspy with that Danish accent.

The ending of the video is quite impressive. It starts at 4:28 with the video camera slowly panning out to a full view of all the models moving and swaying. The flash from the photographic camera adds this amazing strobe light effect and the whole impression is quite breathtaking and stunning to my eyes. After seeing this video, I think more people will be able to appreciate what Inez and Vinoodh were going for when they shot this campaign. It's about models, glamor, and getting lost in a life you aspire to have.


Anonymous said...

I love your passion, Rrose. I also appreciate the way you articulate Freja in the context of fashion. But this video was the just a load of contrived fashion bullshit. Saving grace-Freja's in it. Freja looked good as did Natasha Poly. That's all.

Rrose Sélavy said...

This video was contrived bullshit to you, but not to me. It was interesting and beautiful and i find myself coming to like all the models showcased in it. I'm sorry you didn't have the same reaction, but the beauty of fashion is that we can both have our opinions and both be absolutely correct. That is all.

hej said...

Legs too long. Hangs can't reach toes. Therefore "the bendable".

Rrose Sélavy said...

omg, that's was the funniest thing I've read all day. Thank you for that!

nataluv said...

i can't stop watching the video. i fell in love with the pics instantly, they are simply amazing. and after i saw the video i love them even more!
i love the models, gerhard is amazing, anja and freja fabulous as always and jacquetta has never looked better.
and yes, i also hear 'i'm the one that talks a lot', it's hilarious!!