Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Interview

Freja is getting quite chatty these days in a departure from her usual reticent ways. There is a new interview up at W's Editor's Blog. It's short and doesn't really contain any ground breaking news, but here are some interesting excerpts.
"Look for her in a fashion portfolio by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin in our upcoming October issue."
Hooray. I'm glad that we'll get to see Freja back in the pages of W. And I'm glad that she's still working with Inez and Vinoodh a lot. Although this does makes me wonder why she wasn't in the 64 page editorial extravaganza in August's Vogue Paris. That ed featured all of Inez and Vinoodh's favs except for Freja. Maybe she was off shooting something else at the time? There's something to mull over.
"We're going to L.A., San Diego, the desert, Las Vegas and Burning Man."
Burning Man's dates are August 31st to September 7. New York Fashion Week dates are most likely going to be September 11th to 19th. So no conflict of interest there, thank goodness. I'm ready to see Freja storming down catwalks again. Hopefully she'll be rested, relaxed and raring to go after her road trip vacation.
"I'm always in an Alexander Wang t-shirt or tank top and Acne jeans."
As the face of J Brand jeans, you'd think she'd shill for the product a little more. :)

On a related note, this interview is just one more to add to the recent proliferation of Freja interviews including one for Danish Elle and one for a Russian TV channel:

Maybe these are just a by-product of Freja's status as an established model. Or maybe she really does have a new regard for the industry...one that's not so nonchalant and distanced. We'll see what September brings.

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SF said...

Holy Shit! I'm going to Burning Man this year...wouldn't it be something if i'd bummed into her.i doubt it'll happen LOL.