Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Still waiting on footage of the Les Filles en Vogue film to show up. I checked my newsstand and there were plenty of copies of VP with Kate Moss on the cover (which by the way I didn't buy as a form of protest re: Terry - time to put my money where my mouth is!), but no DVD to be seen anywhere.

In the meantime, some tidbits have leaked out from the various people who have already seen the film:

"Freja came across as just plain cool. She has this laid back attitude and she was very friendly as well to Sasha. She spoke a lot about her tattoos and individuality, which I thought was pretty cool."

"She also says that she's the only model she had to convince to do this documentary, she says that Freja is frank, cold and independent. She knows that she's here because she can sells her image and she assumes it perfectly as long as we don't ask her to hide her tattoos with makeup."

If one thread has been consistent throughout Freja's career, it's been her unwillingness to push herself into the spotlight. We rarely see her at parties or fashion galas like the Met ball or the CFDAs. But frankly, this is why I've always taken such an interest in her as a model. She's so successful, and yet she seems so nonchalant about it all.

It's this air of mystery that keeps me intrigued and it's nice to know that despite her recent return to high fashion glory and reinvented personal style, she's still the same woman underneath all that sleek Rick Owens leather and she hasn't let success get to her head.


Laurianne said...

Hey I wrote that second quote, nice to see it on your blog!!! I hope we could watch that film one day.

Miranda said...

"She's still the same woman underneath all that sleek Rick Owens leather and she hasn't let success get to her head." YES. Well put.

endia said...

For some reason, I like that Clarrise had to convince Freja to do the documentary.

I can't wait to finally see this thing!

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