Friday, June 18, 2010

In China

As some of you already know, Freja was spotted in China recently by some fans. Thanks to a kind e-mail I received from Freja fan Pauline (thank you so much!), I can tell you that the reason she's in China is because she's shooting the ad campaign for a Paris brand called Mo & Co (The site says the label was founded in Paris, but parts of the website are in Chinese and they're shooting the campaign in China. Go figure.)

According to firsthand accounts, Freja was kind and thoughtful, even going so far as to have a cup of water ready for the sleeping fan when he woke up on the flight. The picture below already appeared on tFS, but other pictures must remain unposted at the owner's request. If you read Chinese, I think you can find them somewhere at this address: Looks like the site requires registration though.

After a bit of a quiet spell, we're finally getting some new Freja news. Although, she's always been such a private person that I wouldn't take the quietness to mean that she hasn't been doing anything. If there's one thing she knows how to do, it's how to operate completely under the radar considering her level of status and fame within the industry and among fans.

Anyway, thanks again for the e-mail Pauline! And thanks to the fans in China for being so vigilant. Hopefully this is just the beginning of an eventful summer season!

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kim said...

Before I boarded the plane today, I met the world's supermodel, Freja Beha, who is commonly known as the "F Prince" in China. So, of course, I immediately took a picture with the top model! She is so pretty, nice, and super gentle. And she was arranged to be in the same flight with me! I found out later that she was going to GuangZhou from Shanghai for a photo shoot. The flight is 14 hours, I woke up with a cup of water on my desk. She smiled and said it was for me. OMG. Supermodel gave a civilian a cup of water. Would I legs be as thin as hers are after I drank it? We said bye before we left. She said see you in New York. F**k.

I am super jealous. Although I would never be on a plane from NYC to Shanghai, knowing that Freja is in my country makes my blood boil.

This website, Weibo, is like Chinese twitter. According to this lucky guy's weibo, he goes to school in Parsons and he also met MingXi. She was going home to Shanghai from NYC and she even exchanged contacts with this guy and said to have dinner with him once they get back.

Jealous x 2

Anonymous said...

who the hell is mingxi

Anonymous said...

Ming Xi is a Chinese model who is one of the faces for Givenchy F/W 2010-2011 campaign. It is not that hard to google.

Rrose Sélavy said...

@ anonymous at 6:58 : There is no need to be rude. You obviously have a computer and like the person above me said, it's not hard to use google.

Thanks for sharing the translation Kim. :) I'm jealous x2 as well. I saw a video of Ming on and she seems like a really sweet and vivacious person.

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows where this picture is coming from? Saw it earlier today on Baidu.

Anonymous said...

^Tom Munro shot it.

Anonymous said...

Ah man, I just got back from China today but I had no clue that Freja was there since blogspot is banned. =/