Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Eyes Have It

In light of the new Tom Ford Eyewear campaign, I think now is the perfect time to look back on Freja's illustrious track record in eyewear campaigns. If one thing is for sure, it's that her face was seemingly made to wear any eyewear no matter the size or shape. And yet we never lose sight of the fact that it's Freja behind all those different lenses, for her distinct nose and pronounced cupid's bow are true defining features that render her recognizable to even the most casual fan.

Hugo Boss SS06

Gucci SS06

Gucci Resort 0607

Gucci SS07

Gianfranco Ferre SS08

Joop SS08

Emporio Armani FW0809

Karl Lagerfeld SS09

Roberto Cavalli SS09

Chanel SS10

Karl Lagerfeld SS10

Tom Ford FW1011

Once again I feel like Freja is coming to define another paradox. She's subtle and malleable enough to model a wide variety of images, yet she's also distinct enough to be recognizable as an individual. It's this constant push pull between extremes that continues to make her so intriguing to me. And it provides endless fodder for all the rambling I do on this blog.

Anyway, I really do think that eyewear is one of the categories where Freja shines. When you see the structure and angles of her face in the different ads, there's just no denying that that face is a true model's face. Am I biased? Yeah, I most definitely am. But I also think that she wouldn't have been featured so many times for eyewear if something wasn't working. After all, the existence of all these campaigns and the people behind them must mean that I'm not alone in my thinking. Now I can't wait for the Chanel FW1011 eyewear campaign.

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Anonymous said...

nice post, i think you missed a few like the chanel spring 2010 eyewear, but from the main line. the ones taken in Argentina. Love your blog

kim said...

The Chanel SS 10 eyewear is up there. They are the one with the ones with the cool tones and Freja has short hair.
I love the Gucci SS06 one and Karl Lagerfeld SS10.
To be honest, Freja is not the most beautiful model out there. But her face structure is impeccable. The left one of Cavalli is amazing, no one can pull off the 1:9 face better than her.