Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Follow Up

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Chalk it up to a holiday weekend here in the states, lack of new Freja news, and the fact that I think I've been a bit paralyzed by the attention my post on Terry Richardson has received. Since I know most people visiting this blog are here for the Freja news, I really thought my thoughts on the whole scandal would slip by relatively unnoticed. Not to mention this blog only occupies a very, very tiny corner of the internet and the fashion consciousness. Though it didn't matter to me because I just wanted to get it all off my chest and I'm glad I did. I was furious then and I still am now, but I'm so happy that I'm not alone in my feelings. Far from it actually. Reading the comments on that post is both extremely illuminating and encouraging. So thank you to everyone for your insights and willingness to speak out and be heard. (If you feel strongly about this issue at all, I definitely recommend that you read those comments. You won't be disappointed.)

All of this has shown me that people are still really uncomfortable with the fact that Terry continues to work for major fashion publications without suffering any consequences for his actions. So hopefully we can take our discomfort and disgust and turn it into positive actions and results. With such well known, far-reaching bloggers like Jenna at Jezebel and Tavi continuing in their unrelenting and inspiring ways, and places like and Racked NY willing to highlight the blogging debate, I'm hopeful that we can enact some change.

If you ever feel strongly about an issue, take a chance, be honest and express yourself. You never know who's reading your words. The internet is so powerful (and scary) that way. Anyway, regular Freja posts will return soon. We have new ad campaigns to look forward to (Chanel, Max Mara and Balencaiga) and Paris Haute Couture shows happening July 5th through the 8th. It's been pretty quiet recently, but I'm hoping that it's just because it's the start of the slow summer season.


Anonymous said...

i have feeling this blog is gonna go beyond freja beha and i honestly wouldn't mind. ;)

Teresa said...

I think it was a good thing that you decided to write about the Terry scandal. It's something that needs to be said. Unfortunately, there are only accusations about him swirling around. I wish someone that had rock hard evidence would come forward.

You should create a separate blog for your other musings. I'm very interested in your thoughts about other important matters. Seriously, you should consider it. :)

Rrose Sélavy said...

@ anonymous: LOL, i'm not going to bite the hand that feeds me. Freja is what people want and Freja is what people shall have. She's the only reason why people even read this blog anyway.

@ Teresa: Thanks for the encouragement! Maybe sometime far off in the future, but for now this blog is enough to keep me occupied.

Amber said...

I am endlessly happy for you and proud of the attention that your blog has received! It is a wonderful platform of beautifully crafted thoughts.

Miranda said...

"Since I know most people visiting this blog are here for the Freja news, I really thought my thoughts on the whole scandal would slip by relatively unnoticed." Well, I think you articulated and actualized the voices and thoughts of a bajillion people who shared the same sentiments. Bravo.

Rrose Sélavy said...

@Amber and Miranda: Thanks so much! And thanks for always commenting. I do love seeing recognizable "faces" and hearing what you have to say. It's always a pleasure. :)