Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Covering the Possibility

Been thinking about this for a while you think Freja will land on the cover of Vogue Paris any time soon? I keep going back and forth in my mind, making arguments that say "yes," then promptly defeating them with counter-arguments that say "no." So I thought I'd lay it out.

-Her first and only cover was nearly 5 years ago in November of 2005. Shot by Testino, it was a multi-girl cover also featuring Maria Carla, Natasha, Solange, Vlada and Tasha. Needless to say, a solo spot and proper cover is long overdue.

-The recent issue of Vogue Paris Collections was dedicated to her, resulting in a cover image composed literally of an army of Frejas.

-Not only does Freja have an editorial in the current June/July issue of Vogue Paris, she's also one of the five girls featured in a special supplementary DVD movie shot by the venerable Loic Prigent of "The Day Before" documentary series fame. Short preview clip is up at, and posted below for your quick viewing pleasure. Freja's bit begins at around 4:08, but the whole thing is an interesting watch:

(Translation of what Carine says thanks to tFS member French Cactus: I recently got interested in Freja. She is very aristocratic in her mannerisms, her poses, her walk. She is naturally elegant. She is very professional on the runway, yet she has a certain nonchalance. She has a certain something, she is extraordinary.)

-Freja is the face of Chanel, Max Mara and Balenciaga for the upcoming campaign season so she's sure to be one of the industry's most recognizable models in the coming months. What better way for a magazine to appear on trend than to feature an esteemed model who's career is going just as strong five years in as it was when it first started?

All these factors considered, you'd think she was being primed for a cover right? But maybe it's because of all these factors that Freja won't be getting a cover. Let me rephrase it this way. Are these things indicators that that cover is forthcoming? Or are they consolation prizes in lieu of one? Your guess is as good as mine.

Image Credits:, scan by tFS member vogue28


endia said...

Yes, Carine, Freja is extraordinary. I'm glad you finally noticed. lol

Maybe there's still a chance for Marant and Balmain campaigns after all?

Anonymous said...

So will this documentary be airing in the US? If not, will someone upload it please.

Oh and I sense a VP cover in Freja's future. I think Carine aims to cash in on Freja's current popularity.

Rrose Sélavy said...

I doubt it will air in the US. :( But I'm sure if we're patient footage will show up online soon.

And yes, I think Freja was getting too popular for Carine to ignore her any longer. Not that she was ignoring her before, but we all know that Freja's never been a VP fav like Raquel and Natasha and the like.

Anonymous said...

bigger cover :)

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Part of why I think Freja's such a standout and one of my favourite models, is that she's not conventionally beautiful- not like Raquel or Tanya D, but she's certainly interesting to look at and very expressive. The same goes for Karlie, too, methinks, though Freja doesn't look like she is a model so much as she looks like a really cool girl who just happens to be a (very good) model.

maud said...

Fashion doesn't like to be predictable but yes, Carine's words on Freja were quite a powerful statement...
It was also remarkable that she talked about her as her latest discovery... Despite the surprise at first, I've found it so accurate since I share this feeling...
A girl that you are used to see and who suddenly amazes you like she never did makes it all the more amazing in a way... like a revelation somehow I guess

keep on the good work here, love your blog ;)

Rrose Sélavy said...

@ maud: I think the word revelation fits quite well in Freja's case. :) And thank you for your kind words. Coming from someone like you, that means a lot to me. <3