Monday, April 19, 2010

Building a Wardrobe

With the number of things being named after Freja, you could most definitely start a wardrobe. First we had the Jill Stuart and Chloe bags, then we had shoes covered by Alexander Wang, and now we move onto clothes. In addition to a Marc Jacobs dress, Freja has a Christopher Kane dress named after her as well. Thanks to an anonymous commenter for tipping me off!

And probably by no coincidence, it's also the same dress she wore to close out the S/S 10 runway show:

It seems as if Christopher, like Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs, likes to name his designs after the models that wear them and/or inspire him. Here is the Katlin (Aas) Gingham Silk Dress:

Know of any more products? Let me know and I'll add them to the rapidly expanding closet!

Image Credits: net-a-porter,


COCAMIA said...

That dress is so stunning! You know you made it when a designer names something after you! Too cool!

endia said...

I loved that whole Chris Kane show, the hair, the simple makeup, the clothes! That dress looked lovely on Freja.

Anonymous said...

This is so interesting. I knew about the Christopher Kane Freja dress and the Alexander Wang Freja shoes but not the others. I wonder...why does a designer choose to name one of his/her pieces after a model? When the model inspires the piece? When the model transcends the piece? Does this increase sales when designers name something after a model? As always, bravo on the interesting and thoughtful article. I cannot wait until the next one :)

Anonymous said...

aww Katlin also got a dress named after her. love her and love your blog <3

.kssy. said...

I don't know if this nail polish really is named after Freja. But if there is a one that is named after Freja, this is how I imagine it would look.