Tuesday, April 13, 2010


First of all, thanks to miwa for the comment letting us know that Freja made it to number 3 on FTV's First Face Countdown for F/W 10.11! The video isn't up on youtube yet, but I'm assuming it already aired on TV. And yes, according to miwa, Freja does talk. Well deserved top three spot for a great runway season five years into an already great career!

Secondly, I finally had time this past weekend to make some headway into my three ft tall magazine pile that has been gathering dust (and even more height) since the start of fashion week back in February. As I was thumbing through the February issue of US Harper's Bazaar I came across this lovely feature:

What do you know, models can smile. :) And when they do they look radiant, but also very young. Maybe that's why we don't usually see them doing so. No one wants to be reminded that most of these girls are only 16-18 years old.

No groundbreaking story here...just wanted to post this because I realize that I've never seen so many model smiles gathered into one place. Death stares and sucked-in cheeks are usually the norm. Also, I thought this was appropriate considering that this blog's namesake has one of the best smiles out there. And it's still a pretty rare occasion to see it in full force. The unamused expression from 1:22-1:33 in the video below is more like what we've come to expect:

Amazing how such a small movement of muscle can completely change the way a person looks. Recognize the girl on the left? No? That's Heloise Guerin, who I can barely recognize when she's grinning like that.

Anyway, with new campaign news breaking nearly every day, hopefully us fans will get something more to smile about soon.

Image Credits: My scans from the February 2010 issue of Harper's Bazaar


Anonymous said...

Yay #3! She totally deserved that spot! I can't wait to see the video, thanks!

Anonymous said...

lol She looked beyond unamused in that video.

endia said...

The 'unamused expression' is Freja's reaction to being #3 instead of #2 on FFC, but anyways...lol

It's mine too, Freja. :/

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