Thursday, April 8, 2010


Are you still feeling withdrawls from the F/W runway shows ending? Lucky for you, FTV has started uploading their videos onto their youtube account. We're talking dozens of them from this past season and from older seasons too. They have videos of runway shows, front rows, backstage, parties, recaps and of course their infamous Model Talks.

If you have patience and a good chunk of free time, browse through and I'm sure you'll find some Freja clips or something else that interests you. If you love seeing what the backstage of a show looks like, then FTV's youtube channel is your new best friend. Just a small taste:

Roberto Cavalli F/W 10.11 Backstage @ 1:04, 1:22, 2:45

Max Mara F/W 10.11 Backstage @ 0:22, 0:32, 1:36

Not only do you get a good sense of what it feels like backstage; you also get to see a lot of different models as they get prepped, making these videos a haven if you're into model street style as well. Furthermore, you get the chance to hear different, lesser known models talk, which is always an enjoyable and surprising thing.

It seems like FTV is going through their Milan footage now, so hopefully this means Paris footage isn't too far behind. And after that, perhaps another batch of Model Talks vids? Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

I really hope we get another Model Talks video with her.

Oh, and thanks for the vids, the second one is cute(@:22)when she's smiling then gives out b/c she's tired.

Anonymous said...

what r these shirts

miwa said...

Freja is n.3 on the First Face Countdown, and yes, she talks.