Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Namesake Part II

Thanks to an anonymous commenter, I found out that Freja also has a Marc by Marc Jacobs Ruffle Dress named after her.

It's from an older season, and not very Freja-ish if you ask me. But I guess that's not necessarily the point of naming something after someone. The object doesn't literally have to be inspired by the person. The act of naming can just be a sign of admiration and acknowledgment. And sometimes it's just for fun. There are a variety of possible reasons behind namesakes. Regardless, it's just nice to know that Freja is well-known and well-liked enough to have so many things named after her.

Am I missing anything else? Does Freja also have a small country named after her or something? I actually wouldn't be surprised if there was a small province in China named after her...they do love her a lot over there. :)

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Anonymous said...

^haha! What a great idea! I will name a province or a city after Freja if I own one! :p

CL said...

i can see that dress on freja with her longer hair..

M. said...

For his own line, Marc Jacobs usually names items after the models who wore them/carried them/whatever. E.g. (bags though) the Stam, the Serafima...not sure if it works the same for MxMJ.

Rrose Sélavy said...

I thought that could have been the case. So I checked and Freja did not wear that dress on his runway.