Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The First Twin

Some great news for those of you living in the UK. Freja is in the first issue of a new bi-annual publication called Twin. More art book than fluffy fashion magazine, Twin seems to have lofty creative aspirations; perhaps a method used to set itself apart from the pack in an industry already staring at the vortex of the obsolete.

While other publications are either shutting down or scaling back and cutting staff, Twin bravely releases this week in London. The previews so far are promising, as is their mission statement:
TWIN is closer to a book than a magazine
TWIN is strong, sensual and independent – like its readers
TWIN offers considered and uncomplicated art and fashion
TWIN loves creative women but does not worship empty celebrity
TWIN peels back the gloss and gets back to the basics of magazine-making
Substance over surface is our motto

Add to the above a stunning video preview of Freja's editorial.

Style.com has already jumped on the bandwagon with a writeup. And I must say I'm impressed with what little I've seen. Twin already seems like an old pro in the way they've been able to integrate their published content with the communicative technologies of the internet. Not to mention them pulling out all the stops for this issue in securing Freja and Kim Noorda for editorial features--two top veterans in their own right. And finally, throw in contributors like Miranda July, Garance, Todd Selby and Carol Ann Duffy and I definitely see the makings of a cult hit. Maybe something more along the lines of Self-Service rather than V Magazine, but I suppose I should wait until the first issue actually comes out before I make my judgments.

With seemingly something for everyone, and something to appeal to all aspects of your creative self, I hope some scans surface soon. If only so we can see how the rest of Freja's editorial turns out.

Image Credits: twinfactory.co.uk


Florenz said...

whoa, so hot, the song adds to the mood

Anonymous said...

Why is the pronunciation of her name alternating between "fray-ah" and "fry-ah"?

So beautiful.

endia said...

I've heard her pronounce it both ways too. lol I love her voice. So sexy. Can't wait for the mag to come out.

sugababe said...

nice vid + tune!
I think I'll buy this mag.

Anonymous said...

She's so intense. I love it!

Ange said...

need the name of that song.
and loooooooove the video.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE, i WANT, i NEED... this issue

CL said...

~ hotness ~