Friday, November 6, 2009

Backstage Moments - Paris

First of all, happy Freja Friday everyone. Second of all, this last batch of my favorite backstage pictures from Paris finally wraps up my SS10 coverage. Lucky for us, FW1011 (whoa, we're out of this century's first decade!) is only 4 short months away. With the holidays landing right smack in the middle, the time will pass by way quicker than you think. As usual, click through for HQs and information in the image file name.

My favorite thing to come out of this season has to be Farmen.


Up on the roof

A beauty shot

Some artistic shots

Some fun shots

I am Freja, hear me roar

Another awkward moment

And lastly, we have smug Freja

Thanks to all the hardworking backstage photographers who bring us lovely moments like the ones above. Fashion month wouldn't be as fun for us without them!

Image Credits: corbis, dazeddigital, eastnews, elle,, gobackstage.blogspot, vmagazine, wallpaper, wwd


Anonymous said...

LOL @ Farmen.
thanks for all the lovely pics.

endia said...

Another great fashion season has come and gone. Thank you so much for the fantastic wall-to-wall coverage. Great job!

Farmen, lol, Frabbey, the rekindling of Friselin and Frina, the old faithfuls Frily and Freidi have made for some wonderful backstage shots and candids. My favorite pics have to be the backstage Fragdalena ones and Freja on the roof. What the heck was she doing up there? lol

Hopefully, there will be many campaigns, editorials, etc. to keep us posting until next season rolls around. :)

Rrose Sélavy said...

^Thanks for reading and for all your nice comments! :)

autorock said...

Smug shots! Lol. Freja is so cheeky. Climbing up the roof and pretending to to smack Magdalena's bum. Thanks for compiling all these sweet moments :)

Anonymous said...

She looks great 'Smug' :)

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