Friday, November 27, 2009

Freja Fridays

I've added a new feature on the side of this blog. I'm linking to blogs I know of that do Freja Fridays. So far there are only three: Skinny Intern (the originator of this concept), Nova Style, and now You + Eye, the newest addition. The creator of this last blog has great backstage pictures of Freja that he will post until he runs out, so make sure to check back on fridays for his exclusive and beautiful shots.

It will be interesting to see if this list grows. Tips on more blogs are of course appreciated. :) I think it's such a great concept and also a wonderful way to reacquaint yourself with Freja's large oeuvre. Anyway, Happy Freja Friday!


Jillian said...

wow what an honor thank you <3

Juliet said...

I hadn't heard of this before but this blog is brilliant!

juliet xxx

Jasmine said...

This is a fantastic idea! I may have to consider posting Freja Fridays! Absolutely love the concept :)

Anonymous said...

i post this on my own twitter now! love the idea!

Ange said...

here's some pictures of Freja in Buenos Aires. x

Skinnyintern said...

Thank you so much! Forever Freja Fridays!

skinny intern