Monday, November 2, 2009

Backstage Moments - New York and London

During fashion month pictures come at us so fast and in such high quantity that I think we can miss out on some really great ones amid all the excitement. So, once shows end I always make sure to look back throughout the season in order to catch the backstage moments I might have missed the first time around.

The following are my favorite of those moments from New York and London. Milan and Paris will come later in succeeding posts. All of these pictures come from various sources whose names you will find in the image file label. There is no common thread to these, other than Freja's presence. Some of them I like because I find them to be humorous. Others I like because I find the friendship moments captured to be endearing. And others I like simply because I think the capture a beautiful moment. Regardless of my reasons, I think they all warrant another look.



Image Credits: catwalking, cobrasnake, dazeddigital, eastnews, elle,, hobogestapo, imgmodels.blogspot, modelinia,, vmagazine, wireimage, wwd


Anonymous said...

i love that rodarte shot with the cloak,it looks so sinister. who is the tanned girl she's talking to at Wasson's show? i wanna say Karmen but i'm not sure....

Rrose Sélavy said...

^It's Karmen. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks. looks like they've become buds this season. I've seen a lot of pics of them together.

Anonymous said...

glad to see freja hanging out with new (young) models,,
Freja and JAC is waaaaay great,, both of them are legendary,,

Anonymous said...

Just letting you know there is a spread on called Live from New York with Freja and Sasha. It is HOT HOT HOT!

Check it out (:

Anonymous said...

I love her smile xD

Oh and kinda off topic but do you know where I can find the pics from this twin magazine shoot??

thanks for you lovely work *hug* =)

sugababe said...

love the London pix!

YEW said...

i thought she doesnt do sports..then how cn she got that lovely six pecs?