Thursday, November 5, 2009

Twin Update

The publicity machine is definitely churning for this, I as Refinery29 points out. Hopefully you've already pre-ordered your copy; but if not, you better hurry. With this much buzz surrounding the new tome and only 10,000 copies printed, it's sure to sell out.

I'm eagerly waiting for my copy to arrive, but not just because of Freja's editorial. To be honest, I'm more excited about the Todd Selby piece. I adore his website and I can't wait to see what his own home looks like. But that's besides the point. In addition to the write up done by Refinery29, Fashionista did a more Freja-centric writeup.

I feel like nearly every fashion blog I read is buzzing about this, so my expectations are definitely high. Hopefully they're not disappointed. If no one else scans it before I get my copy, you can bet I'll definitely do the honors. But that little book has to make it's way across the Atlantic first...too bad the Concorde doesn't fly anymore. :)

The official launch is happening tonight so if we're lucky we might get more information and pics tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

look at this Freja-doppelganger from Garance Doré!!

the daily uniform? the tattoo? the hair?

pretty, but not as beautiful as the original. =)

autorock said...

Please do the honour! I'm actually more excited about The Selby's photography piece too. I love his works on personalities and artists in their homes with the interesting knick knacks and decor. He brought the personalities through his captures. and it's Shannan Click in this issue, I'm worked up to see it