Monday, June 1, 2009

Official Blog

Yes it's official. There is a blog up at and two entries have been posted so far. If you haven't seen it already, you should definitely go check it out. Freja is writing a bit (quite well I might add) and posting pictures as well. I never thought this would actually happen, but I think it's wonderful that she's reaching out to fans. Perhaps a turning point and the beginnings of a changed role for Freja as a model? Will we see her hamming it up in more backstage pictures? Will we get more interview clips and sound bytes?

Maybe this has been a gross misconception on my part, but Freja always seemed to shy away from any media attention. At least when we compared her to other models who attained the same stature and level of success. We rarely saw her at fashion week parties and events. She always stayed true to her casual, laid-back personal style. She's never once attended the Met Gala. And her backstage candids are decidedly boring in their normalcy, for we rarely saw dramatic posing from her. Don't get me wrong, I don't see any of these things as a bad things; rather, I see them as the things that made me so intrigued by Freja in the first place.

I know two posts on this official blog does not necessarily mean that all these aspects of Freja have changed or will change, but I can't help but get the feeling that they're the first step. Freja seems to be embracing her role as a model much more openly. Nowadays, that role comes with a certain level of expected fan interaction and she is indulging that as well. Especially in this age of instant communication that the internet has afforded us, niche cultivations proliferate when you can instantly see the latest editorials, ads and runway shots with the click of a mouse. You can easily find forums populated by lots of other fans and together you can build and increase your love over a favorite model, musician or actor. Pretty soon, you expect your "celebrities" to love you back by providing inside glimpses into their lives. You want to feel special and you want to feel like your admiration is not all for naught. You want your celebrity to appreciate you as much as you appreciate them. It's a pretty ridiculous and self-entitled conceit when you step back and really think about it.

Once again, you've caught me on a day where I'm just a jumble of thoughts and this blog has become my outlet, so thank you for indulging me if you've read this far. To sum up, I love that Freja is making the effort to connect with her fans and I love that her blog posts show off her humor and sarcastic wit. I'm confused as to what this all means for her role within fashion, because as I saw it, she played her part as the rebel girl quite well. Being a rebel means going against the norms set by others, so now that this seems to be changing I don't know what to think.

We'll have to just wait and see what happens with the SS shows and if there are any noticeable changes. And for your time, the newest picture from the official site:

Any comments or thoughts appreciated. Even if you just want to tell me to shut the hell up.


Monique Stálem* said...

Olá! acabei de atualizar meu blog, passa lá p fazer uma visitinha!

Rrose Sélavy said...

^^ Why are people schilling on this blog? Strange.

SF said...

i first took notice of Freja after seeing her profile on the Chloe ad,since then she's become my favorite model. I'm glad that's taking the time to interact with fans, it's really nice of her.

who's that girl? said...

I think you put it really well Rrose! It's nice to know that Freja cares =)

Florenz said...

Freja's the best =]