Sunday, June 7, 2009

Horsing Around Backstage

Thanks to an anonymous poster on this blog (whoever you are, you're wonderful and I really am grateful!), I bring you this clip from the FW0910 Isaac Mizrahi show. Skip to around 1:20.

I literally laughed out loud because what I saw was so unexpected and just so funny. I absolutely adore fashion shows for the spontaneous backstage moments like this. Freja has such a sense of humor and playfulness to her manner! And I love the relationship she seems to have with Heidi. The two of them just seem like they have such fun together backstage. Maybe that rebel persona is just a front? I'm onto you Freja Beha Erichsen. Those tattoos aren't going to fool me any longer.

If you're a model-fanatic (like I am), it's pretty difficult to satisfy your curiosities about models off duty. Even though they're beautiful and glamorous, in the larger media food chain models aren't important enough to warrant tons of interviews and hours of video footage. (Instead, we get rundowns of the daily minutiae of "celebrities" like Miley Cyrus and Lauren Conrad. Is there no justice in this world?) Most models merely remain the pretty faces that we see walking the catwalks and posing backstage for pictures. We rarely get to see anything that gives them the opportunity to express their personalities or their age. Don't you always forget that most of these girls aren't even old enough to drink in the US? I know I do.

Luckily things are beginning to change. Sites have emerged like Modelinia, which focus on models off the catwalk. Most of the major agencies run blogs that highlight the adventures of their top girls. And every season we see more and more backstage video clips from fashion blogs and sites that capture off the cuff moments like the one above. Maybe the contingent of model-maniacs is growing? Or maybe we're just starting to realize that there are enough of us out there to warrant more behind the scenes stuff. Either way, you can bet I'm totally looking forward to what next season's backstage might bring!


SF said...

lol that was funny. Heidi and freja seem like goofballs.

who's that girl? said...

Haha, that was cute :)

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