Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Playing Dress Up

Earlier this week paper dress up dolls of Kate and Agyness were released. Yes, I know, not the most groundbreaking fashion news ever, but I think it's still cute and whimsical nonetheless. Anyway, lots of blogs covered the news because I guess this counts as coverage worthy fashion "news" during the off summer months. But Modelinia took it one step further and created a wish list of other models who they want to see in paper doll form.

Surprisingly, they included Freja on their list:

Freja Beha Erichsen, because she has that effortlessly cool look about her, and with all the outfits you could mix and match on her you get to decide which of her tattoos stay visible. So enviable.
I wasn't expecting them to pick her because for the longest time it seemed that Modelinia didn't even know Freja existed. They only very recently created her model page and it's still severely lacking in any substantial content when compared to the other models on the site. (I should know as I've been checking and hoping in vein that they'll put up some cute videos of Freja shopping or showing off her closet a la Noot and Hanne.) Also, we all know that Freja has a rather minimalistic, casual street style, but maybe that's why she was included this feature? How else are we ever going to get the chance to see dresses and colors on Freja if we we can't just do it ourselves. :)

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