Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Marni Moments

I really love this set of backstage pictures so I had to post them. Marni also happens to be one of my favorite brands.

Isn't it kind of strange to see Freja with the newer girls, instead of her usual model crew? I kind of miss the Lily, Irina, Agyness days.

It's even more strange (to me at least) that Freja is six (!) years older than Jac, yet they look the same age. Maybe Jac even look a little bit older to me because her cheekbones are so sharp.

We always get a ton of backstage pictures after shows end, but I'm willing to bet they don't even begin to convey the craziness and chaos that constitutes the actual backstage. Thus is the nature of photography that the end result is merely a small moment, captured and frozen, separated from the greater whole. Anyway, the following two pictures remind me of this.

Just check out the sheer number of girls and looks that have to come together. All the meticulous design work during the months before the show culminates in a quick flurry of activity and 15 minutes on a catwalk. Craziness indeed.

ALSO! Don't forget about the Dansk Fashion Awards tomorrow (or today, depending on when you read this). On May 20th we find out if Freja can take home the award for Danish Female Model of the Year for the second consecutive year, or if she concedes the title to Agnete or Charlotte. Regardless of what happens, I hope Freja shows up and we get some candids!

Image Credits: fashionmag.com


who's that girl? said...

It goes without saying that I hope Freja wins tonight =)

Freja a.k.a Tiko said...

I agree with U, who's that girl

I hope, Freja will win tonight

SF said...

great blog! Freja is one of my absolute faves.I think freja has the Dansk in the bag. as you mentioned before, agnete and Charlotte haven't done as much as Freja.