Thursday, May 21, 2009

Danish Female Model of the Year

So I'm sure that by now you all know Freja won Best Female Model of the Year at the Dansk awards held on Wednesday. No surprise there. Even in an off year her body of work was more substantial than her competitors Agnete and Charlotte. Granted Freja's been on the modeling circuit longer than the two of them, but she's one of the top ten working models today so the odds were tough to beat. Freja's is also the most well-known model to come out of Denmark since Helena Christensen, and if she keeps on working I have a feeling they'll be giving this award to her next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.

She attended the awards looking beautiful, while staying true to her own style. There were elements of glamor--some makeup, heels, and new bag--but there were elements of Freja's everyday style as well. She wore tight, skinny black pants and layered tees under a black blazer. It's a uniform we've seen many times during fashion week, but the presence of the heels made all the difference.

Choosing to forgo her usual flat boots, Freja opted for Isabel Marant studded, heeled boots straight off the FW0910 runway. (Perhaps a take-away from walking the show?) She also left the Balenciaga bag at home in favor of the very popular black Alexander Wang hobo. Her sartorial choices may be simple, but they exude fashion, quality and quiet, relatable luxury.

That's what the best models do. They make all clothes look good no matter when or where they wear them. Yes, Freja could have gone a little more lux considering it was an awards gala. But I'm kind of glad she didn't because I always love seeing a woman who is completely at ease in her own style and sense of self.

On a last note, of course I have to mention Freja's hair. She's definitely growing it out now. Maybe my musings on commercialism actually have some substance? She already has the Gap campaign on her plate for this season. Maybe next we'll see her reprising her commercial role in an H&M campaign? If this happens, then you read it here first. :)

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who's that girl? said...

I always get excited to see how much her hair has grown =)

Rrose Sélavy said...

lol, glad I'm not the only one!

SF said...

same here. i want her to grow it out like SS07 days.

Anonymous said...

i love her style. although i like her hair short though.