Thursday, April 23, 2009

Congrats Are In Order

Freja was nominated for a DANSK Fashion Award in the category of Danish Female Model of the Year! She was nominated along with Charlotte Høyer and Agnete Hegelund, but I think Freja is the clear favorite (although I admit that I'm a bit....ok, a lot, biased). Thank you to tFS member candlebougie for breaking the news!

This is only the second year for this fashion ceremony. The DANSK awards were started in 2008 to promote and honor the achievements of the Danish fashion industry. At last year's inaugural ceremony, Freja won in the same category and showed up in a black suit to pick up her award. I love how she stayed true to her personal style and eschewed the typical tight, mini-dress that most other models turn to for red carpet events.

From what I can gather browsing through the official site, a panel of judges determines the winners. Hopefully they aren't opposed to having repeat winners because Freja should clearly win again if the criteria is modeling work. She's had a ton of editorials in all the top magazines, a few covers, and decent campaigns for Karl Lagerfeld and Roberto Cavalli. No offense to them, but Charlotte and Agnete's work is no where near Freja's in terms of caliber and visibility.

Agnete Hegelund

Charlotte Høyer

If you can understand Danish, here is a cute interview from last year with Freja and Mathias (who won Danish Male Model of the Year) talking about the awards:

The ceremony is being held on May 20th, so keep your fingers crossed that Freja wins so we can get some new pictures of her! She also deserves to win so that's the real reason you should keep your fingers crossed.

Image Credits:, Freja's thread at tFS


Anonymous said...

Not that I'm biased either but the other two girls looks are both very fogetable...Freja for the win ;)

Lasse Nord said...

The TV-host is Frejas cousin, and it's the first time they ever meet. Kinda fun. That's the reason why they put their heads together and pose for Uffe.