Friday, May 29, 2009

Little by Little

Two more pictures have surfaced of Freja's editorial in Vogue Nippon. At this rate maybe we'll get to see the entire thing by the time the SS shows roll around? :) I wish my local bookstores carried Vogue Nippon because then I'd just scan the images myself, but no suck luck. Well, patience is a virtue as they say.

Anyway, from the images so far this editorial doesn't seem to be anything groundbreaking. Don't get me wrong, Freja looks great albeit a little too stern in the eyes for my tastes, but I just wanted to see her doing something else besides the androgynous, tough girl. (At this point I would even love to see Freja jumping against a studio backdrop in a Mario Testino photographed editorial because it would be something different for her.) We've seen this before in Vogue Nippon, and seeing her other Solve Sundsbo collaborations, I guess I was just expecting something very different and new. I'll hold my final judgment until we see the complete editorial, but I doubt the rest of the images will veer away from the mood and theme set by these. Work is work though and I guess we should just be happy for what we can get.

Image Credits: via tFS member Joerg C.

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Anonymous said...

deja vu , much?
at least its better than nothing.