Monday, May 11, 2009

Where's Freja?

Can you find her in the picture below?

Backstage runway rehearsal pictures are some of my favorites! I love seeing the models in their regular clothes walking down the runway because you have two disparate elements coming together. On the one hand you have the glitz and grandeur of the catwalk; and on the other, you have the models in their casual, pared-down street looks. Rarely do you get to see the two elements come together. We get plenty of model street style pictures but those are situated on the street...natch. And we see plenty of runway pictures but those feature full designer looks. To me, it's just refreshing to see both elements in a new light.

Image Credits: celebritycity


Anonymous said...

that's so weird! i was just watching a Marc Jacobs documentary about his SS07 collection and this was the runway.

to answer your question, freja is the one in the

Rrose Sélavy said...

lmao! Keffiyehs will forever be associated with Freja in my mind.