Friday, March 4, 2011

Campaign Videos

It's a video day today. We have three new videos to go with some of Freja's recent campaigns. First, thanks to a lovely anonymous commenter on the previous post (thank you!), a new Harry Winston behind the scenes campaign video has surfaced:

This videos accompanies the gorgeous and cheerful print campaign that was released late last year. Freja is just as cheerful and radiant on film as she is in the campaign images. Definitely a nice treat for any Freja fan, especially since we get a rare glimpse of her lighter side, with a cute baby and yummy looking cake thrown in for good measure.

The second two videos are part of Freja's recent ad venture with H&M. We already saw two videos featuring Freja in dresses, and now we have this one featuring her in trousers alongside Anne and Martha:

The last video is part of H&M's newly released "The Pants Collection" campaign:

Freja looks particularly great in this video. She's charming, effusive, quirky, and spontaneous. She looks just as comfortable dancing around in those pants as she does strutting down the street in her boots and leather jacket. She's come a long way this past year and I'm just so happy that I get to witness this change in her career direction because it's what I've been longing for. No longer pigeonholed, but instead exploring new avenues, new opportunities and new expressions of her many sides: feminine, commercial, mature, modern, and playful.

Freja is indeed the girl that can seemingly do everything and anything. Her career seems to have rebirths and rejuvenations just as often as she cuts and changes her hair. So where will we be in a year? I have absolutely no idea, but I'm betting that it will be somewhere new, exciting and unexpected. :)

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Video Credits: Harrywinston Youtube channel,


omniety said...

I love the first video, seeing freja kiss the baby, SO adorable <3

And so motherly too =)

Gerdur said...

Did you see Freja on therunway for Balmain fw 2011 ?

Gerdur said...
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The Wrong Girl said...

The Harry Winston video is amazing <3

I love Freja in the flares for H&M,UGH!

Anonymous said...

She's so badass but the way she hold the baby is so motherly and sweet <3

Freja in the H&M video is great,she's working it with her dance

This is refreshing. Love it!

Mona Lisa Overdrive said...

I absolutely love these videos! The behind the scenes footage of the Harry Winston photo shoot almost brought tears to my eyes. The H&M clips are super cool and refreshingly stylish.

Juliet said...

The Harry Winston video is amazing!

Juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

Harry Winston is so beautiful, I can't get over how radiant she looks, and how cute and smiley she is.
She seems to have a way with babies too, she looks so natural holding it.