Saturday, January 29, 2011

Coming to a TV Near You

We first got word back in November, and then confirmation back in December. Now, finally, the H&M TV spots are here.

Freja is accessible, commercial, yet still totally herself. Which one do you like better? I prefer the first spot myself, because at the end of the second one Freja looks like she wants to kill me, or hurt me, or beat me in a staring contest, or all of the above. It would have been nice to see a more playful expression from her to match the youthfulness of the clothing. After all, yellow ruffles and semi jazz hands are pretty incongruous with death stares.

But maybe it's the unexpected pairing that makes it work? Maybe that's what makes people linger over it....what sells the clothes? I don't know, but I do know that I have a sudden hankering for some yellow ruffles to mix into my all-black wardrobe. Or maybe just a black t-shirt with some yellow on it. ;)

Video Credit: via youtube user BijuBRANDO


Anonymous said...

There are more spots, they are combined in this video:

Natalia said...

LOVED BOTH OF THEM! But my fave has to be the 1st one. I adore your blog! I'm not much of a poster when it comes to blogs but the first thing I do when I come online is check out your blog! I've been a fan of Freja for the last couple of years and it makes me SO happy to read your posts. You seem to love her as much as I do! I'd like to make a request if that's possible. Althought I've looked for pics of Freja wearing SUNGLASSES, all I found was nothing (I'm talking about candid pictures, of course!). If you have any, could you post them, please? Thank you!

Natalia said... here's another ad!

Anonymous said...


cultcat said...

I think the choice of Freja & Anne V is inspired. By showing them together, in the same outfit, it's a good way to show the clothes look good on different body types and on blondes and brunettes.

Love your blog, btw.

annie said...

'Freja is accessible, commercial, yet still totally herself'
is funny because i thought that Freja was anything but herself.
love the ads with Raquel. but didn't like the videos. Freja is not gracefull at all on those.
she's one of my favorite models, though.

Gabrielle said...

HOW COULD SHE BE THAT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cocteau meets Garbo said...

the first video : )