Sunday, January 23, 2011

Freja Speaks

Most of the time I post about things that other people have said about Freja. Whether it's from regular fans, photographers, designers or models, there has been a plethora of good things said in regards to Freja. But rare is the time that the tables are turned and Freja gets to do the talking.

The February issue of US Harper's Bazaar contains a story about IMG model manager Jen Ramey. She's at the top of her business and if her name sounds familiar, its because she's guided the careers of Kate Moss and Daria Werbowy. Just think of any top girl at the powerhouse agency and odds are Jen stands behind her success. Lily D? Check. And yes, Freja? Check.

The article is your typical "how I overcame [insert obstacle here] and feel great about myself now" story that fashion magazines are apt to give us every single issue. That being said, Jen admirably lost 120 pounds and overcame a breast-cancer scare. A few of her model clients are interviewed for the article and here's what Freja had to say:
"Jen is one of the strongest women I know. I'm not surprised that she succeeded in what she put her mind to..."

"Jen manages to cut straight to the core. There's never any BS with her..."
Ok, yeah...Freja's not going to win any oratory prizes for her input here, but it was pretty surprising to see her name when I read this story. I knew that Jen was her manager, but I guess I just wasn't expecting any words from the (previously) press shy Freja. I've spent the better part of over two years covering Freja and her career, and in those earlier days backstage interviews, style features, appearances at parties, anything that didn't solely relate to the catwalk or the editorial, were near impossibilities. All I can say is that Freja's come a long way. Now as she enters the ripening phase of her career, I hope she gets the chance to speak more often. It would be nice to cover the things she says, instead of just the things people say about her. :) Anyway, congrats Jen!

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Jasmine said...

I would love for Freja to give more interviews in the future. Although she tends to come across as very reserved in most interviews, there were a couple(i.e. interviews with James Kaliardos for v magazine, and Collier Schorr for i-D) where I thought you got better insight into her as a person. She seems to give her best interviews with those she's familiar with. And I LOVED the interview she gave for fashiontv where she talks about wanting to be a monkey and liking snakes. So cute.

Thanks for posting this!