Monday, January 10, 2011

Freja's Place Within the Cult of the Model

Freja seems to be getting more and more press these days. Not only does she have an editorial in the February issue of Vogue UK, but she's also discussed quite a bit for an article in the same issue regarding "The Cult of the Model." She seems to be one of the poster girls for our current obsession with wide spread and pervasive this "obsession" is amongst the general public is questionable and open for debate. But among model followers and fashion insiders, Freja has certainly made a name for herself this past year. As someone familiar with her career back when she chopped her hair off and wasn't getting covers and editorials in all the major Vogues, it has been quite the journey of ups and down, elations and disappointments, anticipation and apathy.

Now I can't help but to wonder, has Freja made enough of an impact to withstand the fickleness of the industry, it's constantly changing tides, and the pitfalls of stereotyping and overexposure? Has she made it over the ridge and to the plateau where we can all rest easy knowing that we'll always be seeing work from her, a la Daria, Kate and Giselle? Or has this second coming in career doomed her to a fate similar to the countless other hyped faces who are everywhere one minute and then forgotten the next?

I suspect the answer to this lies in Freja, and Freja alone. It lies in her own goals, aspirations and wants out of life. And it lies in her modeling skills, which are on full and glorious display in this editorial.

Look Forward
Vogue UK February 2011
Ph: Patrick Demarchelier
Styling: Kate Phelan

She has the goods.....whether she wants to use them and for how long is the uncertainty here. It's a total shame that so many casual observers seem to write her off as a one-look pony. If they took the time or effort to truly look, they would discover what we fans have discovered long ago. And they would see that 6 years worth of work creates a book dominated by androgyny, yes, but also full of delightful subtleties, underrated femininity, and untapped potential. Oh yes, Freja is far from a one-trick pony, but I suppose the words of Vogue UK have more gravitas than the words of a simple fan.
"Look at Freja: demure for a Harry Winston ad, accessorized with an innocent smile and a slice of wedding cake and wearing a strapless dress straight out of a fairy tale; for MaxMara, she's a chic young mother in a camel coat about to go shopping down the via Montenapoleone in Milan; she's a girl hanging out at a music festival in skinny leather jeans for Vogue."
After writing about this kind of stuff for so long, I'm just happy these notions are being recognized by sources with a rider reach. Because maybe now I can take a long break.....or maybe Freja will come out with even more work to get me hooked again. :)

Image Credits: scans by tFS member gossiping


SF said...

I honestly don't think freja will fall victim to overexposure and then suddenly fade. That fate usually goes to newcomers who have developed no rapport and only get the hype because they are new and fresh.Freja has been around enough to last a little longer with no worry...I hope. lol

on a side note, I find it peculiar that the public's interested in models is lamely dubbed an 'obsession'. whereas the 'fame' models of the 90s gained was what due to their good looks and personality? is that not the same thing this new flock of models have. Before it was the media catapulting these girls to stardom, now it's the internet, there is no need to knock it down as a mere 'obsession'.
lol whatever, I just thought I should throw that out there.

Although I've grown significantly neutral to freja's work as of late, I'm glad to visit here.Thanks for all your hard work.

Rrose Sélavy said...

^Wow, excellent side note. I never even stopped to think about it that way, and you're totally right. Thanks for pointing that out! :) And thanks for still visiting...believe me, I know how it feels to grown neutral.

Skinny Bado said...

i visit freja's tfs page everyday and leave it open all the time, also tfs' model streetstyle, watched coco's wedding 7++ and i visit your site almost everyday... so yes, models are addicting and it makes me very happy ;)

miss_modular said...

woah, that writer for harper's is seriously in love with freja... but then most people are at the moment ;)

i have a mildly interesting pov on the new lv ad, but i'll save it for later.

love your work as always!

Paola Mae said...

she has not reached the plateau, yet; however, i think it's only a matter of time. we are very fortunate that the light-and-airy f/w campaigns ended our freja's 2010. because of that, people will not only remember her as the stunningly striking androgynous rocker-chick. but also as the beauty who could knock a person out by the beauty of her smile and the light in her gaze.

god, listen to me - or rather, read me (?) - i've known of her for several years already but i've only been a fan last year. it practically smacked my nose - suddenly, as if seeing her for the first time, she's gorgeous.

major girl crush, or perhaps not. she's made me question my sexuality - i obssess over her the way i obssess over stana katic(another girl crush), clive owen(still my numero uno) and david gandy.

but i'm digressing. proof of our hopes -or at least, my favorites- are that very chic, only slightly bratty ralph lauren; and that gorgeous, smiling and aristocratic chanel.

i suppose, a lot of people will look good in chanel. but in that photo, it's like, she's THE chanel. she's the queen in that photo.

so i suppose, yes, i'm very hopeful because things are looking really good. cheerio!