Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Miu Miu Moments

With tomorrow being the last day of the FW season and Miu Miu being the last show, I wanted to post these fitting pictures from last season's show. There's just something really simple, touching, and intriguing about this series. Beautiful, quiet and precious moments before the chaos of a show:

Here's hoping Freja walks and isn't left out like she was for Prada. Miuccia and Marsh have been with her since the start of her career, so I'd definitely like to see her walk the show tomorrow. And it would of course be the proper way to cap off a wonderful season. A season that has undoubtedly surpassed all expectations we had coming into it a month ago.

So as the shows wind down, we now begin to think about pages and ads. It never stops, right? Needless to say, I'm very interested to see what kind of work Freja's wonderful runway season translates into once the runway lights dim. This season has been a strange one in terms of castings, new girls and "it" girls. Less continuity between the four cities cities, fewer obvious front runners for top 10 newcomer spots, and the return of many veterans who had previously been absent from the catwalks for a few seasons. Trying to guess the impact all of this will have in general, and for Freja, is just as exciting as watching show looks come in...well, at least for me it is. I'm sure most of you could care less as long as you see Freja, right? :) And that's perfectly ok too.

Image Credits: miumiu.com


Anonymous said...

she looks pretty in those shots.gorgeous!!!

Laurianne said...

I definitely LOVE Freja without makeup! She even more beautiful!
And I'm so sad that's this crazy month comes to an end... I was getting use to my Freja daily dose!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she deliberately missed Prada because Catherine was there?