Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Milan FW1011 Recap

In all the excitement I nearly forgot that the Milan shows ended.

Milan Fashion Week F/W 10.11 - 12 Shows Total
2 Opening Slots
1 Closing Slot

Alberta Ferretti - 1 Look
Dolce & Gabbana - 2 Looks
Emilio Pucci - 2 Looks
Etro - 2 Looks
Fendi - 2 Looks
Gianfranco Ferre - 2 Looks
Gucci (O) - 3 Looks
Jil Sander - 1 Look
Marni - 3 Looks
Max Mara (O) (C) - 3 Looks
Roberto Cavalli - 1 Look
Versace - 2 Looks

Milan brought us a week full of ups and one down. Freja started off by walking in Fendi last Thursday. Good old reliable Karl....never stop your professional love for Freja please. It comforts us when bad things happen, like Freja not walking for Prada. But that's water under the bridge because the rest of the week more than made up for it.

Friday brought Freja's second time walking the runway for Alberta Ferretti, the first time being a year ago during the FW0910 season. She went from looking soft and feminine at that show, to looking ultra modern and sleek at Gianfranco Ferre. Things would have been perfect for me had their FW0910 campaign girl Karolin Wolter also walked the show, but she completely missed out on Milan, much to my devastation.

However, the day continued with Freja walking for Versace and Jil Sander. The latter was a nice surprise and brought back many memories of her early seasons when she was a regular. I've noticed that a lot this season. Freja has been walking shows she hasn't done in a while, and she's even looking once again like the young, bright eyed model fresh from Denmark. I don't know if it's just what I want to see, or if something has happened but I do know that I like it. A lot.

Saturday was by far Freja's biggest day with four shows and a few key runway slots. The day started when she opened and closed Max Mara. I really hope this means the odds are good for an upcoming campaign, because that would be amazing. I think her image now fits the brand quite nicely, for she has definitely matured into a sophisticated, reliable model.

Freja walked for Etro next (in two completely disparate looks), before going on to open Gucci...an appearance that surely shocked Natasha fans who were expecting their queen to either open or close (or both!) the show considering that she's the current face of the brand. I wonder what this means for the upcoming campaign? I personally hope it goes to a new face. *cough* Karmen *cough*

The day ended with Freja walking for Emilio Pucci. I'll be honest, after last season's slight walking fiasco, I wasn't sure if she'd be back but thankfully she was. I hope this means that we'll see Freja at Rykiel again, despite the fact that she stuck out like a sore thumb last season.

Freja kept going strong on the last day of shows for her. She reliably walked for Marni in the morning. I know not everyone "gets" the eccentric, haphazard Marni woman; but it's a show that I absolutely love for its whimsy and calculated craziness. It's also a show that I love seeing Freja walk for, and I would have been really disappointed had she not.

Dolce & Gabbana was her next stop and she made quite the impression as the second girl out. Most people couldn't even remember if Freja had walked the show before, but old school fans know that she was a regular going way back for both of Domenico and Stefano's brands. Needless to say, it was nice to see her walking for them again.

Milan ended with Freja walking for Roberto Cavalli, and with us getting the biggest news we could get as Freja fans. :)

What a week, what a week. Are you exhausted yet? Well, the end is near with Paris shows starting tomorrow and going on for a week before FW1011 is over. I don't think there's anything left for Freja to surprise us with, but I could be wrong. You can never underestimate a heavily tattooed model who comes back with her first Steven Meisel lensed Vogue Italia cover five years into her career.

Image Credits: style.it, tmagazine


Anonymous said...

This has indeed been an amazing week for all fans of Freja! Thank you for the recap! :)

Rose Taylor said...

so lovely! :)

thanks for collecting these photos, such a great way for me to see all of freja's looks easily.

this was a great fashion week for her! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great recap! The biggest surprise for me was def. Jil Sander and Dolce and Gabbana, especially Jil. She just fits that very minimalistic look perfectly, same as Calvin Klein. She looked gorgeous.
So many great surprises...I wonder what Paris has in store for her lol. I would die if she walked Givenchy again.

COCAMIA said...

You rock! Thanks for keeping up and updating us! xoxo

yveclyde said...

thank you for your website. i don't have to browse a lot of websites to look for freja pixs and updates.