Friday, October 8, 2010

Random Bits: The End of SS11 Edition

I finally had the time to catch up some on non-runway related Freja news, with the help from a few fellow Freja fans of course! Nowadays, there's entirely too much too keep track of, which is a very good thing I guess. Maybe it's not so good if you're trying to be comprehensive. But all any of us can do is try our best, especially coming off the runway season when every other model that you could possibly like has new updates to catch up on every single day. Anyway, here's what's happening off the runway for Freja. Some of it may be old to you, but it's all news to me:

-Freja will star in the upcoming campaign for Danish Jewelry label Georg Jensen. Always nice to see the Danes supporting their biggest model export since Helena Christiansen. TV 2 News in Denmark aired a feature on Freja a little over a month ago, which featured footage from the campaign shoot:

Thanks to the translation skills of AIHBA at tFS, you don't have to feel completely clueless while watching the clip.

-In other campaign news, Freja appears in the Harry Winston Jewelry campaign for Asian Markets. (At least I'm pretty sure it's only in Asian markets since I've never seen such an ad over here in the States.....I could be wrong though.) What's with the sudden proliferation of Jewelry campaigns? Regardless, it's a great step for Freja. Yeah, they're not exactly fashion forward, but they're stable, good paying jobs that require expensive, elegant looking models. Freja is expanding outside her stereotypes yet again, and looking good while doing it. This is why I gripe so much about wanting to see a feminine Freja....because the results looks like this!!

-In the strangest bit of news, Freja made Rolling Stone magazine's Hot List for 2010. I'm sure she must be thrilled, being the huge music aficionado that she is, but this is just so odd to me. For years I think we've all dealt with, and learned to come to terms with, the fact that Freja is a pretty niche model and relatively obscure person in general. (Isn't that part of what made her so special in the first place? You really felt like you discovered something and someone so unique who wasn't tainted by overexposure and extreme public scrutiny.) Now I wonder if and how that will change? Rolling Stone is a major magazine and this is undoubtedly good press and great exposure for Freja. But I'm going to proceed with caution. Either nothing changes and we all continue on like we did before, or we get a sudden influx of fans who are only interested in the "persona" that comes across in the accompanying article, instead of the model who does some really great work. I know I'm probably in the minority, but it's about the work for me and not about the personal life and all that it entails.

-Speaking of persona, Japanese magazine SPUR has a little feature on Freja in their November issue that shows you how you can emulate her style. It's cute, and I think it shows us that Freja is really starting to become a modeling trope, and I mean that in the nicest way possible.

I did a similar feature about a year ago, and looking back you can see how much and how little Freja's style has evolved. It's all basically the same, except now things are just a bit more polished, refined, and probably expensive. :)

Image Credits: via tFS member candlebougie,,, via tFS member Flashbang


sugababe said...

omg she is GORGEOUS in the HW photo!!

Annika said...

I was so surprised and happy when I saw Freja in RS! Totally unexpected! Especially considering what a private person she is. But considering how much she's into music, it makes sense. I feel like most RS readers aren't all that into following fashion, or at least following individual models. RS does a fashion spread once in a blue moon but most of the articles are music news, reviews, film reviews, and political articles.

It's interesting how diverse her work can be. Jewelry! I'm definitely keen on seeing that, she's gorgeous in the Harry Winston ad!

Anonymous said...

That Harry Winston ad is beautiful.

And I love hearing Freja speak Danish, her English is so good that I often forget it's not her first language.

Miranda said...

The Rolling Stones...just really came out of the blue. When I first heard the news, I was like, "...Am I reading/seeing this correctly?" (I honestly was quite incredulous.)

Freja looks absolutely RADIANT in the Harry Winston ad. I might've died and went to heaven. Or at least lost the ability to think coherently for a bit.

Mademoiselle Melbourne said...

She is so beautiful in the Harry Winston ad. The photo actually makes me happy. With that big contagious smile she is mesmerizing.

Anonymous said...

more information about the Harry Winston campaign.

Harry Winston launches ad campaign with Freja Beha

Fine jewellery and timepiece brand Harry Winston has launched its new print advertising campaign, Live the Moment. The campaign, shot by photographer Patrick Demarchelier, alongside the creative direction of Fabien Baron in partnership with Harry Winston, features model Freja Beha wearing a range of the brand's most iconic diamond jewellery collections. The campaign is scheduled to debut this November, and will run in fashion and lifestyle publications worldwide. -