Monday, October 11, 2010

The Final Tally - SS11

I guess this has kind of become a tradition for me, although I don't know how many of you actually care at this point after the shows are already over. Regardless, I do this because it helps me digest a month's worth of information and it's kind of fun. Yeah, I might be a little OCD in that I find compiling statistics and data "fun." Anyway, my old recaps for FW1011 and SS10 can be found here and here.

SS11 TOTAL: 37

London: No shows walked

Alberta Ferretti (C)
Bottega Veneta (O) (C)
Dolce & Gabbana
Emilio Pucci (O)
Jil Sander
Marni (O)
MaxMara (C)

New York:
Alexander Wang (C)
Anna Sui
Carolina Herrera
Derek Lam
Diesel Black Gold
Marc Jacobs (C)
Michael Kors
Narciso Rodriguez (C)
Oscar de la Renta
Ports 1961 (O)
Rag & Bone (O)
Tom Ford
Vera Wang

Chanel (O)
Isabel Marant
Louis Vuitton
Miu Miu
Stella McCartney
Yves Saint Laurent


Number of.....
  • Cities walked: 3
  • Shows walked: 37
  • Shows opened: 6
  • Shows closed: 6
  • Outfits in New York: 24
  • Outfits in Milan: 29
  • Outfits in Paris: 21
  • Outfits total: 74
  • Show walked for the first time ever: 2 (Ports 1961, Tom Ford)
  • Cities walked last season that were not walked this season: 1 (Poor London)
  • Shows repeated from last season: 30
  • Shows walked last season that were not walked this season: 16
  • Shows walked this season that were not walked last season: 7
  • Skirts/Dresses vs. Shorts/Pants: 41 vs. 33
  • Bags/Clutches carried: 15
  • Sunglasses worn: 2
  • Headpieces/Hats/Headbands worn: 5
  • Overly floppy hats obscuring the face: 1
  • Tummies bared: 1
  • Journalists simultaneously scared and thrilled: 1
  • Runway requests left unfulfilled: 1
  • Publications who fell in love with Freja: 1 (that has publicly admitted it)
  • Working fountains: 3
  • Animals harmed in the making of the LV show: Unknown
  • All white looks: 11 (white is the new black apparently)
  • All black looks: 8 (white really is the new black)
  • Belts worn: 26
  • Necklaces worn: 7
  • Citrus jackets: 1
  • Times I mentioned femininity: too many to count...
In order of appearance:

Et voila! The past month signed, sealed and delivered in one tiny post. How many hours did we all spend pouring over information that could be summed up so easily? Don't remind me. :/ Another successful season under Freja's belt, and her twelfth overall. She really shows no signs of slowing down, and that's amazing for any model, much less a model nearly six years into her career. I don't know how Freja manages to do it season after season, but she commands attention from all the right people, walks in all the right shows, and changes up her look ever so slightly enough to remain fresh, new and desirable. There's both a stability and unpredictability with Freja that makes her exciting yet reliable at the same time, and that probably explains why she's always in high demand. Now we only have 5 months to wait and see if she can keep it up for FW11/12!

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excellent recap as always :)

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Absolutely fantastic overview of this past season!!! You have outdone yourself!!!!! A pleasure to view and read, as per usual. Thank you :)

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This truly is the best part.:D

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cool cool

Lucy Roberts said...

Fantastic recap! She has done less shows, but all of her appearances have been wonderful!

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i love it when you do season recaps. thank you so much for your hard work!:))

and grazia is scared/in love with freja? that is so cute!

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Wow, great detailed recap!

Float Ho said...

Woo-hoo dances: 2 (captured in photos)

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OT: so apparently, the Harry Winston ad is not only for Asian market.According to Fashion Monitor's site, it will be launched in magazines on Nov.worldwide.woot!!!

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Such a great great post! :-)

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I love your commitment with this blog...
amazing recap, excelent job!