Friday, October 29, 2010

Magazine Mentions

Freja definitely gets more work in European magazines, but that doesn't mean you can't find her in the American mags. I gotta say, it was definitely surreal to flip through the November issue of Harper's Bazaar and see this in person.......surreal, but nice:

With a smile like that, it's a wonder how Freja ever got so entwined with tough androgyny in the first place. Anyway, I'm glad the Harry Winston campaign is turning out to have a bigger roll out than I initially thought. Silly me, thinking it was only for Asian markets. Now it seems like all markets will have the opportunity to see the bright and bubbly side of Freja. My fingers are crossed that this leads to some more similar work because I think seeing Freja in a totally commercial, mass-market kind of way is just the change of pace I need right now. She's a high fashion model no doubt, but I want to see her out of her comfort zone more often.

So with Harper's Bazaar covered, let's now move on to US Vogue. It's clear Anna isn't much of a fan, but at least we know that she and the other editors know who Freja is:

It's nice to see Freja get some sort of shout out, however minuscule. I guess it's better than nothing? Although now that Meisel has warmed to Freja, is it just a matter of time before Anna and US Vogue do? Seriously though, it is a bit ludicrous that Freja has only been in US Vogue once (in a multi-girl editorial) considering her status within the industry and her popularity among fans and industry insiders alike. Sasha, Raquel, Daria, Lara and other models who occupy/ied the top positions on's list have all been featured many times, some even on the cover. So what gives? Maybe we'll just have to live with the fact that Freja and US Vogue weren't meant to be. But if that's the only publication that chooses to ignore her, than I think we're ok. We'll just take our five consecutive appearances in Vogue Paris, and covers of VI and UK and go elsewhere! Anna's loss for sure.

Image Credits: My scans


Keira said...

so at the end you want freja more main stream. I think vogue us is too commercial (I really don't like it) and has not an high fashion target (like vogue italy and paris).
after rolling stones, vanity fair us, vogue uk cover (plus she is mentioned by evan rachel wood on nylon magazine too), maybe your hope can be real!!!
Post Scriptum I prefer freja with her tattos, leather jacket, skinny jeans and military boots and I only like her marvelous smile in HW's ad. (sorry for my english)

Stupendous said...

don't even worry about the lack of US Vogue. is she get's into more, then obviously that's great, but US Vogue is shit. i'd rather see Freja everywhere else. Anna Wintour clearly doesnt know what she's doing anyway, allowing magazines to be released looking like cheap, gossip/celebrity magazines with awful copy on the cover. British Vogue is the same, but of course i bought the issue with Freja on the cover. but just let it be. Freja is huge without Anna.

yantomycin said...

"We'll just take our five consecutive appearances in Vogue Paris, and covers of VI and UK and go elsewhere! Anna's loss for sure."

Love your entry, so cute. Hahahaha....

Keira said...

yep vogue us (and vanity fair us) is the worst only gossip and actress.
luckily I live in italy and every month I have my copy of vogue it!!!
Anna please stays away from freja, thanks. I really don't understand why people wants freja on vogue us?!?

Mona Lisa Overdrive said...

I would imagine Freja was having a conversation with some fashion industry insider and said something along the lines of her thinking Anna Wintour was ridiculous and irrelevant, and I imagine that that someone, or an associate of that someone, overheard her say it. Of course word would have eventually made its way up to mama Anna, and now there's a rivalry. Fortunately for Freja, she's an established international model who is in hot demand and cannot be black listed or sequestered

Oh well, US Vogue is eventually going to implode if it keeps up like this. The covers are so boring and bourgeois.