Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Moving into the Mainstream

I was flipping through the latest issue of Vanity Fair and a picture of Karl and Freja caught my eye. It was taken at the Chanel Soho party back during New York Fashion Week, and I was totally surprised to see Freja referred to by name in the caption. Usually in "society" pictures like these in magazines like VF, the so-called plebeians surrounding the main (famous) focus of the pic are left unnamed and unnoticed. "They know who she is? Really?" Maybe I'm underestimating Freja's popularity, but throughout all her career she's shied away from public events and lived her life firmly outside the public spotlight despite all her successes as a model. She only (finally) moved to NY about a year ago, and she's only been in American Vogue once earlier this year. So yes, I find it strange to read Freja's name in the pages of VF.

First, Rolling Stone; now Vanity Fair. I know it's not a huge deal, but to me it signals a shift. From fringe to mainstream. Up until a year ago, Freja wasn't the type of model who was referenced in these types of magazines. Up until a year ago, it was the likes of Kate and Giselle, and maybe even Lara. And sure, maybe I'm making this more of a big deal then it actually is; but Freja is known enough to be referred to by name in Vanity Fair? She's known enough to be featured in Rolling Stone? WTF? Talk about Twilight Zone. If you had asked me back when I started this blog if Freja would ever work with Meisel, I would have undoubtedly said no. If you had asked me back then if Freja would ever "break into" the mainstream, I would have emphatically said no. Skinny girl, boyish figure, multiple visible tattoos, short hair, hard stare, reluctance to show up at public functions....those things aren't exactly exalted for women in mainstream American media.

But despite all that, Freja seems to be moving into that very mainstream, and it's leaving me a bit dumbfounded. I guess sticking to your guns and being yourself pays off in the end. Maybe that honestly and authenticity she carries so naturally with her is too enticing a thing to resist. I just hope this new visibility doesn't cause Freja to become more self-conscious or contrived, thereby ruining the very thing that got her to this level in the first place. (Isn't that always a risk though? A plight that will always come with notoriety?)

All I can say is that these next few months will be very interesting in terms of the direction Freja's career takes. So much has already happened this past year that I can't even begin to fathom the new possibilities. Can we expect even more exposure and more mentions of Freja in unexpected publications? Or is this it? 2010 has really been a banner year that's it difficult (and even selfish) to imagine or hope for anything more. But right now the possibilities do seem kind of endless.....

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Anonymous said...

Sellout! LOL :P

Anonymous said...

I find your take on things rather interesting. I think her popularity is due to her persona. She is who she is and doesn't apologize for it, tatoos and all.

Body ink has gone mainstream - and I think more people want to see REAL people as models. I actually started following her because her ink caught my eye.

I think she will be huge if she wants to be.

peter irvine said...

im just shocked that they named freja but didnt name abbey lee alongside ?
with our knowledge that she isnt one for public events , it surprises me that she is named when someone like abbey , who attends not all but more events ISNT recognized ?
i guess its that 'too cool for school' thing that people are attracted to in freja , her nonchalance to fame and not wanting to be a part of it that makes people want to know more about her , thus making her more famous ! which is a pattern we are now more than ever seeing in her career .

furzann said...

she's just gorgeous in whatever she do n wherever she is..even though maybe we dont like the certain scenes that she's in, but i never ever get tired of admiring her beauty.

Rrose Sélavy said...

@ peter: Yes, I definitely agree with you. Sometimes I think the more mysterious a person is, the more interest s/he generates with fans. It kind of follows the saying "you always want what you can't have." Have to admit that despite how strange I find it, it's a breathe of fresh air among all the other "famous" people out there who actively seek it no matter the cost to their dignity and self respect.

peter irvine said...

very true - the likes of snooki and paris hilton etc who will attach their names to anything and anyone all in the hopes of becoming a step higher on the fame ladder !
freja's manner with fame reminds me very much of angelina jolie , it sounds silly to say but its like - she goes to all the things she needs to , speaks when she needs to and the rest she just keeps to herself ! a true professional :)

Ellinor Forje said...

You have some really nice pictures of her. I also love the runway shots below. Cute blog come to mine when you have time.