Friday, October 1, 2010

I Love You Karl

Yes, you Karl Lagerfeld. You, who have been the biggest and most loyal supporter of Freja. You, designer of Chanel, Fendi and up until this season Karl Lagerfeld. You, drinker of Diet Coke and wearer of sunglasses inside.

It's because of you Freja never faded away, even when she wasn't doing too well a few years ago. It's because of you that we get to see her in magazine ads every season. It's because of you that we can take comfort knowing she'll always be at at least one runway show during Resort and Couture seasons.

Thank you Karl and I love you Karl, no matter how ridiculous you may seem. My favorite model owes a large part of her career status and a record 4th consecutive Chanel campaign, amazing 6th overall, to your constant, unwavering support. I was a little bit worried when it seemed like your favor had swung over to Natasha, but I should know better than to doubt you.

Congrats on six Chanel campaigns Freja. You're a true Chanel woman and the perfect modern embodiment of the brand. I think you've most definitely secured your place in fashion history with this.

Direct from the source:
"Inès de la Fressange, the face of Chanel in the Eighties, will be back on the runway for the French brand at its show on Oct. 5, WWD has learned.

What’s more, Karl Lagerfeld has booked her to appear in Chanel’s spring/summer campaign, along with modeling greats from the two subsequent decades, Stella Tennant and Freja Beha Erichsen.

“She is beyond stunning,” Lagerfeld enthused about De la Fressange. “Also, she is the Parisienne.” Lagerfeld said the advertising shoot would take place in the south of France.

De la Fressange parted ways with Chanel in 1989 after a fracas over her lending her likeness to the French republic. But Lagerfeld and his former muse have recently enjoyed warm relations.

Today, De la Fressange is Roger Vivier’s brand ambassador."


Anonymous said...

yay!!! Freja is still Karl's favourite girl.what an achievement,6th campaign?! love u Karl for making it happen.

Anonymous said...

Freja and Karl forever!

Anonymous said...


i always wonder though (and no offense to freja, who is obviously awesome) why karl likes her so much... over other, also awesome models. is it her personality? her coolness? the laid back vibe she gives? the fact that shes not a diva?

ill never figure it out, but im happy nonetheless.


angela said...

i'm so proud of her! congrats Freja. and yes, i love you Karl. and i love you Freja (:

Mona Lisa Overdrive said...

I have to agree. No matter how ridiculous and irrelevant Karl Lagerfeld seems to be as a fashion mogul slash blogosphere celebrity, he's definitely a master craftsman and picked a winner in Freja Erichsen. For that he's the unsung hero in her continued ascension in the world of fashion.

You've grown on me Karl. Loved the Chanel Spring 2010 show!

Anonymous said...

i think they forgot one more model: baptiste LOL

Anonymous said...


Annika said...

I just love Karl. And I can't wait for the new campaign! As much as I like seeing new faces, it's so nice to see a constant in the fashion world. And who better than Freja?

Miranda said...

Yes! I cannot wait for how this will turn out! :D

Loren said...

Freja & Karl
Forever ;)