Monday, September 27, 2010

Milan SS11 Recap

Milan Fashion Week S/S 11 - 12 Shows Total
3 Opening Slots

3 Closing Slots

Alberta Ferretti (C) - 3 Looks
Bottega Veneta (O) (C) - 3 Looks
Dolce & Gabbana - 2 Looks
Emilio Pucci (O) - 2 Looks
Etro - 2 Looks
Fendi - 2 Looks
Gucci - 3 Looks
Jil Sander - 2 Looks
Marni (O) - 3 Looks
MaxMara (C) - 3 Looks
Prada - 2 Looks
Versace - 2 Looks

Even though the shows in Milan aren't over yet, it's safe to assume that Freja has already moved on to Paris considering she didn't walk in the Roberto Cavalli show held earlier today. Never mind that though. Her week was already packed enough, and filled up with some great runway appearances to satisfy any fan. I'm pretty flabbergasted by how much demand there still is for Freja. She's a model doing her 12th runway season circuit, yet she's opening and closing shows left and right. Of course it's what you always hope for for your favorite model, but it's not something that usually happens in this industry especially at this point in a model's career. It feels like things are too good to be true, and I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop......but maybe that's just my pessimistic, over-analytical self. To be honest, I've been feeling like this for the past year despite all of Freja's success. Sometimes it's hard to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Anyway, the week started off predictably with Freja walking for Gucci on Wednesday. Things got a little unpredictable when she closed the Alberta Ferretti show later during the day. It's a show that she only recently started walking for back in FW0910; and prior to Wednesday's appearance, Freja has only ever had one look per show. So to have three looks including the closing one says a lot to me. (I know it's toooooo early to be speculating, but I can't help it! Campaign perhaps? Maybe if Meisel goes back to shooting it.)

Thursday was my favorite day for Freja in Milan, because it brought about her return to the Prada runway after last season's absence. She walked for Karl and Fendi in the morning with two looks, and then she did Prada later on. I know that the Prada runway prestige seems to have lost some of it's clout in recent seasons; but no matter what people say, Miuccia is still an influential taste maker. And the models who walk her runway (whether they're forgotten by next season or not) still catch the eyes of everyone who matters. It was a beautiful collection and it got people and critics buzzing immediately. So I was happy to see Freja, and a lot of old regulars like Kinga, Marina, MCB and Marija, take part.

Freja walked for Etro and Versace on Friday, two shows that she's walked for many times before. I just love the fact that she's always at the Versace show, and has been since the beginning of her career. Proof that Freja wasn't always considered to be tough and androgynous first and foremost, since the mere mention of Versace connotes sensuous femininity. The runway aesthetic has changed a bit since the 2005 years of Daria, Hana, Elise and the likes, but Freja has been a constant presence and perhaps even the bridge linking the Versace models of the past to the Versace models of the present. She's legitimately gorgeous, but she also has that modern edge and the ability to transform fluidly in between different extremes.

Saturday was by far Freja's biggest day in Milan as the shows (and openings and closings) came one right after the other. I could barely believe it when all the news of her runway appearances started rolling in. Two opening and two closings, just in one day! Things started when Freja opened and closed Bottega Veneta in the morning, only to zip over to Max Mara in the early afternoon where she closed that show as well. Being that she is the current face of the brand, it was only appropriate. Next came Jil Sander, a brand which I think Freja is perfectly suited for. The sharp angles of her face always coincide wonderfully with Raf's minimalist designs. The last show of the day was Emilio Pucci, and Freja had the honor of opening the show wearing an unbelievable dress with thigh high tan boots. (The return the femininity definitely continued in Milan.)

Freja continued her streak on Sunday when she opened the Marni show. See what I mean when I say things seemed almost too good to be true? Anyway, with Marni's early call time, hopefully we'll get some Marni backstage sleeping pictures again. The season never seems to be the same without those and pictures of Freja's middle finger. ;) The last Milan runway appearance for Freja came later during the day at Dolce & Gabbana. It was an all-star cast and a nice way to end an absolutely fantastic week on the runway.

We only have one more city to go before the season is over. Time sure does fly! But as fun as it is keeping up with all the shows, it's even more fun to have your normal life back. Yes? Yes? Luckily we have a bit of a break before the Paris shows come at us full force, so rest up.

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Anonymous said...

i wonder if she had to leave early for paris cuz she didn't walk roberto cavalli....or she might had an photoshoot...

Mona Lisa Overdrive said...

I really enjoyed the Pucci show. I was watching it live via and was surprised that Freja was the first one out of the gate. Great dress! As you have already noted, the work she has produced this year is impressive. What can I say, I'm happy for her. Mostly everything in Milan that she modeled (with the exception of Marni in my opinion) was flawless.

endia said...

I think Freja may have had a shoot today. Not sure, but read a tweet that led me to believe this.

Another great week for her and another great wrap-up from you, Rose.

With all the O/C, Freja's in a tight race to be first face with Karmen and Karlie (two of my other favs).

My fav looks from Milan are Gucci, Fendi, Pucci and Max Mara.

Can't wait for Paris!

Anonymous said...

@endia: Is there any chance you could post the tweet? Thanks :)

Can't wait for Paris either! Balenciaga in particular because I've read some things about the collection and I'm just eager to see it