Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rick Owens and Zombies

The two kind of seem to go hand in hand, no? But here I'm only putting them together arbitrarily for the sake of this post.

First of all, Freja is in Shanghai for the Chanel show. Can't you just hear the collective screams of girlish glee emanating from China? We only have a couple of backstage shots so far:

Interesting to note that Freja is sporting a real Rick Owens leather jacket now. The one she previously wore was done in the Rick Owens style, but it wasn't actually one. It could have been this Vince jacket, but I'm not sure. The differences are subtle but palpable once you see them side by side. I know a lot of people were getting their jackets confused, but Rick ones are very least to me.

I feel like every time we see Freja she's wearing something new but of course in black. Typical of her to change up her style yet simultaneously keep it the same. :) It's that balance that she seems to strike so well in her modeling, her personality and even in her street wear.

Secondly, if you've ever wanted to see what Zombie Freja would look like, check out the previews from Fashematic's new zine, Fashematical:

They took her Lanvin SS10 appearance as inspiration. According to the site, the zine is "a collection of illustrations reinterpreting the stars of the catwalk as part of either a horde of zombies or an army of robots, hell-bent on taking planet Earth for themselves."

I love when it when people can see the fun in fashion. After all, we can't all be serious all the time (That's something that I know I can be guilty of with my long, musing posts about Freja's place in the industry). I wonder how Freja would feel about her zombie rendering? Personally I find it cool and kind of flattering.

Anyway, after a little drought of news, it seems Freja is back in full force.

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Anonymous said...

I realized Freja seems to do this a lot, a long spell of nothing and then just like that she's everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Chanel video? It's hilariously good.

Joyce said...
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CL said...

hi Rrose, the Chanel film is up
and Freja speaks Chinese LOL!!

Rrose Sélavy said...

Joyce, I was referring to the jacket she wears here.

Believe me, I do enough aspirational shopping to be able to tell my jackets apart. ;) I'd never confuse a balenciaga for a RO.

Joyce said...

haha sorry about that.
just going to express my gratitude for this blog.
i wonder if freja has read it? it's one of the first things that comes up when googling her name.