Monday, December 7, 2009

Fans in the UK

Out of all the major Vogue publications, Vogue UK has definitely been the most ardent in featuring Freja in it's editorials. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that their art director, Jaime Perlman, is a Freja Fan. The list of fans who work in the industry is growing larger, isn't it? Freja already has the designer market cornered with Alex, Marcus and David, and Stella. Now the magazine sector seems next to fall captive to Freja's undeniable allure.

In addition to her post at Vogue UK, Jaime is also involved in a new online venture called Test. It's "a visual platform that fuses a combination of new and established artists on a constantly changing series of image-led projects." It seems pretty cool so far and already includes a smattering of models like Myf, Katie Fogarty, Daul, Tiiu, and Maggie Rizer. Maybe one day we'll see Freja featured there too. And maybe one day we'll finally see Freja on the cover of Vogue UK as well. Jaime, work you're influence! :)


Anonymous said...

I wait impatiently for a Vogue UK cover, I hope it happens soon.


Rrose Sélavy said...

lol, I wait impatiently too. I secretly hope that if I keep blogging about it and keep putting it out there in the universe, it will happen. :)