Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Post to End the Year

It's been quite a year! As we come to the end of 2009 and the end of the 21st century's first decade (who else remembers all the fervor over Y2K? I feel so old), I just want to say thanks for reading and for making this blog what it is. I truly appreciate all the comments, the e-mails, the encouragement, the criticism, and the support. Before I sign off for the year, just a few things of note:

-Freja's made it onto a few more "best of" lists. She's one of the 30 models that defined the decade for Vogue France. And she's number eight on Vogue Nippon's Models of the Year 2009 list. What a nice way to cap off an impressive year that saw Freja return to a level of pervasiveness not seen since her early days.

-We have our first look at the SS10 Chanel ad campaign thanks to tFS member Northern Star. Not much to really say yet so I'll reserve my judgment for when more images come out.

-Thanks for the link love models.com! I'm totally flattered, and also kind of embarrassed that people who actually work in the industry could be reading my amateur musings. Anyway, thanks for the kind, completely unexpected words.

It's been a great year for us Freja fans. We've been witness to lots of new work (Meisel!) and changes both personal (NY!) and physical (long hair!). If anything has remained the same, it's our fascination for this blog's namesake. I love being a part of this little community of Freja fans and I hope 2010 will bring more of the same. Whether Freja continues to work at her current pace or whether she decides to slow down, all we can really hope for is that she's happy and healthy. So, I wish her and all of you exactly that as we count down the days until the end of the aughts. Wherever you are when the clocks hits midnight, I hope it's in the presence of good company, good food and a great celebration. Cheers!

Image Credit: Scanned by a.t. @ tFS and Northern Star @ tFS


SF said...

omg you remember the Y2k scare?! wasn't that just nutty? people can be so gullible, it'll be like this again in 2012.

btw congrats on the link thingy. it's about time you've been recognized for your brilliance.
see you in 2010!

Anonymous said...

I really do appreciate this blog, I hope you continue it in 2010. Happy New Year to you and Freja.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the model.com mention. A very deserved compliment.

Good luck with the upcoming year. :)

Root Beer said...

Great job. A toast to you and best wishes to you and all readers. cheers!

Anonymous said...

well done on the link love thing! i love this blog! happy new year everyone!! x

sugababe said...

keep blogging! happy 2010!

Anonymous said...

if you don't mind, i would love to help you translate a lil' since the top model list is in jap.
The bigger text kinda means "Short hair gives a new freshness that 'ups' the charm" (literally).
Sorry, I couldn't make out the smaller text, they are too smalllllll.
(and for natasha, "Gucci girl with her unwavering popularity" )

Rrose Sélavy said...

^I don't mind at all! Thanks so much for help with the translation! :)