Friday, December 11, 2009


As we near the end of the year, it seems that everyone likes to make lists. I suppose it's only natural to want to sum up the preceding year's occurrences into an easily digestible and archivable format. I know these lists can get trite, but I always look forward to them at the end of each year. Movies, CDs, TV shows, news worthy moments, influential people, you name it and I eat it up.

So now we can add a models list to the list. I stumbled across's list of Top 10 models for 2009 and Freja lands at number 10. Oddly enough the list is presented in youtube format as a narrated video of picture stills opening and closing to the accompaniment of music that recalls early 1970's porn. See and hear for yourself:

All that aside, I think the list is pretty good. Maybe I'd play with the numbering (Miranda at #3? Too high. Karlie, queen of US Vogue at #9? Too low), but I think the model choices are pretty solid and reasonable. Although they need to work on their fact checking because we all know that Freja has more than 12 tattoos. Anyway, I wonder if there are any other sites that do year end fashion Top 10 lists. I can't recall any right now. After all, a year in fashion seems like it would be a lot harder to categorize and summarize as opposed to a year in CDs or movies. Regardless, it's nice to see Freja getting recognition after her mini-comeback and stellar year full of great work. And it's nice that this Top 10 list appearance is buoyed by her fifth place position on's Top 50 list.


SF said...

the narrators seem like they're on one of those nature documentaries on BBC.
Lara coming second to Natasha surprised me tbh as did Chanel's ranking.
oh well. thanks for posting it.

nataluv said...

exactly, that's also my impression, a bbc docummentary. nice that they did the rank but why was it so boring..?!