Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jumping for Joy in J Brand Jeans

Following up on this previous post, the rest of the images from Freja's J Brand Jeans ad campaign have been released along with a short statement via fashionweekdaily:
(NEW YORK) You may know Freja Beha Erichsen more for her turns down the runways than for her denim, but the leggy beauty is about to take a turn posing in blue jeans--and black jeans, and tie-dye jeans, get the point. Photographer Jan Walters shot Erichsen for J Brand's Fall 2009 ad campaign, styled by Sophie de Rakoff. "We wanted people to look at the campaign and feel a sense of lightness and freedom," said Susie Crippen, J Brand's co-founder and creative director. "Happiness." Lightness and freedom we get--Erichsen's frolicking in the super-skinny, cropped, high-waisted, tie-dyed and distressed denim will inspire plenty of ladies to do the same. The ad campaign will appear in Elle, Vogue, W and Harper's Bazaar, as well as outdoor media in New York.

In my opinion, J Brand could not have chosen a better model for their campaign (although I admit to being a little biased). I think it's generally agreed upon that Freja has some of the best legs in the business, so they're the perfect apparatus for showcasing jeans. Lucky New Yorkers should definitely keep their eyes out for massive billboards featuring 100 feet tall Frejas. Also, do you think this means that Freja has to give up her trusty Ksubi Jeans now that she's J Brand's girl? :)

Out of the five images, my favorite is still the first one that we got to see.

Freja's slight smirk and body pose give the image a very whimsical, lighthearted feel that most deftly captures the campaign concept as stated in the quote above. The rest kind of seem like they belong in a US Vogue jumping editorial photographed by David Sims. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I just think it's something we're all tired of.

Also, seeing all of these images immediately brought to my mind this old Harper's Bazaar editorial:

Yes? Isn't it amazing how things can concurrently seem different, yet exactly the same? I guess there are only so many poses one can do while jumping in the air. And yet it makes you wonder why various fashion magazines will always feature the obligatory jumping model editorial? Maybe I wouldn't complain so much if they gave Freja a shot at one of those. :)

Image Credits:, bwgreyscale


who's that girl? said...

She's looking very feminine here :)

Florenz said...

Great to see the rest of the ads!

Anonymous said...

New chanel ad!

Anonymous said...

This ads really suit her style. She's just perfect for a jeans ad campaign. .