Monday, July 6, 2009

New Editorial

Finally some new work! Freja has an editorial with Sasha in the upcoming issue of Vogue UK. It's entitled "Milan" and it was shot by Patrick Demarchelier. At the end of May some candids were posted on Freja's thread of her and Sasha posing together for a shoot. However, these were taken on the very noticeable streets of New York, so they might be from another shoot that they did together. Why would an editorial called "Milan" feature the city of New York as it's backdrop?


Looks nothing like this:

Unless "Milan" refers to a different aspect of the shoot like all the clothing being from designers based in Milan? I guess we'll have to wait until images come out to know for sure. But Freja was in London for work early in June. I thought it could have been for a Vogue UK shoot because that made the most sense to me. So maybe she shot two things with Sasha recently. Regardless, I think this is merely the beginning of a lot of new material coming out for us fans, so you better be on your toes.

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