Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Intentional Irony or Mere Coincidence?

We have some snaps of the new Gap campaign thanks to tFS member kimair. And just like everyone else, I can't help but to notice and chuckle at the very choice wording accompanying each model's shot.

Freja: Real Straight (Do I even have to say anything? )
Anja: Always Skinny (It's true, Anja has always been thin. Even more so lately.)

Isabeli: Curvy (Brazilians are definitely known for their curves. Although curvy in the fashion world is still super skinny in the real world.)

Maryna: Sexy Boot (Arguably the sexiest VS/high fashion model out there. She does indeed have a sexy boot-y.)

Now I can't wait to see the full campaign! I hope we get more nuggets of comedic irony. You have to wonder if Patrick Robinson is just having some fun with this. I mean come on. The wording matches up almost too perfectly that it has to be intentional. The probability of coincidence is just too unlikely. But I guess the wording is so obviously ironic and fitting to all of us because we follow fashion and models. To your average Gap customer the words clearly describe the cut of the jeans, not the model wearing the jeans.

Although I've got to hand it to Mr. Robinson. Whether intentional or not, this is definitely the way to give all of us fashion fanatics a good laugh. Now we'll surely remember the Gap when we're thinking about jeans for the fall. And isn't that what good advertising is about? Bravo.

Image Credits: snaps by tFS member kimair


Anonymous said...

i was wondering the exact same thing. it's too uncanny to be coincidental...

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog randomly and have been reading since the very first entry. Thank you so much for all the thorough, informative and frejatastic updates! Keep up the awesome work!

Btw, I saw the new GAP ads in store on Monday and Freja’s androgynous beauty literally made my heart skip a couple of beats. Frantically I took out my phone and started snapping away. Other shoppers gave me stares but who cares?! ;p

Anonymous said...

I to have only recently stumbled upon your blog. It's wonderful, keep it up! I'm a big Freja fan.

And I am totally convinced I need to buy those Gap Skinny Jeans.

Anonymous said...

excuse my grammar... *too*

Rrose Sélavy said...

Awww, thanks for the nice comments guys! I really appreciate the time you take to read and feedback is always welcome. Thanks again! :)

Irina said...

Lol, I never thought of it that way.