Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oh, fashionista

Did anyone else see the poll they have going on at fashionista? It's pretty hilarious, and I'm kind of surprised they went there. But they aren't above posting a few rumors now and then so maybe it isn't that surprising.

Anyway, the final round in our face off is coming soon. If you haven't already put in your vote for Round 2, you can still do it here.

Biker Freja says happy weekend!

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SF said...

Fashionista loves mcbeha.this coming SS season should proof doubt there will be a slew of "are they? or aren't they" LOL

Anonymous said...

I saw that but wasn't very surprised considering how much attention they showered the two with while they were together. Either way, like SF said the fashion week is going to be very interesting.

Oh I think Freja pulled off the dress better. :P