Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vintage Freja

Check these pictures out! They're from the Ann Demeulemeester FW0506 show. This was Freja's first season on the international catwalk circuit so these pictures are fairly old. I think it's rather amazing that she seemingly has not aged since 2005.

I was so happy to come across these pictures because they document the one and only time that Freja has walked for Ann Demeulemeester, my all time favorite designer. Ann is Belgium and she's known for the dark, gothic, androgynous mood of her shows and designs. Her clothing is always covetable and beautiful, with perfectly executed tailoring, layers, draping, and asymmetrical details. She tends to favor a very specific look for her runways--think along the lines of heroin chic with a sexy ugly vibe, and I mean this in a good way--so girls like Freja rarely walk her shows. But this was back during Freja's debut season, and with her androgynous edge, I can understand why Ann grabbed her up for her show.

It's a pity that Freja hasn't walked for her again. That's something that I'd definitely like to see.

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who's that girl? said...

She's hardly changed at all, still looks so young.