Friday, April 3, 2009

Official Site?

Word of an official site for Freja appeared today on various fashion forums. The URL was a non-functional site the last time I visited it a few months ago, but now it's up and running with a gallery and forum. It appears to be legitimate and to be monitored by Freja's father, Ingmar. Freja herself is apparently registered there and already has a few posts answering questions from fans. Also, if you glance through the photo albums, some never before seen photos have been uploaded.

Which leads to the following question: Is this for real? I want to think it is, but my jaded self has learned that things can rarely be believed on the internet. So I really don't know. I guess we shall see with time. BUT if this is legitimate, what a nice way to reach out to fans! Marks a surprising change in Freja's fan interaction thus far. Maybe she's realized the size and fervor of her fan base? After all, she is consistently the most viewed model on tFS besides Kate Moss. And this past month, thanks to the amazing and dedicated work of tFS member candlebougie, we found out she overtook the #1 spot from Kate, who is arguably one of the most famous models in recent history. This is quite the accomplishment for someone who doesn't receive nearly the same amount of exposure and press.

Let's face it, we all know Freja isn't a Coco Rocha in terms of letting us fans know what she's been up to. Up until now with this official site, she has been pretty mysterious, which maybe explains why her fans are so enthralled with her. We really don't know much about her! We're lucky to even get a few street style shots per season, and the last FTV interview on record was from 2006 I think. But as a model, Freja really has no obligation to provide anything beyond what is presented through her work. And the fact that we as fans have come to expect more really speaks to the changing landscape of communication these days. With applications like facebook, twitter and blogger we have become used to (and we unfairly demand) a level of accessibility that has never existed before.

I doubt Freja will read this, but for those who do, what are your thoughts on this new official site? Real? Fake? Who cares as long as we get new pictures? Shut up and don't ruin this because you're making a fool of yourself with your analysis? :) Comments and thoughts appreciated.

And for your time, the new pictures from the site:


Anonymous said...

it would be cool if it was real but i am still on the fence about it

Anonymous said...

a certain caution is always healthy. right now, i'm just enjoying the what if-ness of it all. if it turned out to be fake, then i'll cry later. so far so good, though. so yes, we shall all see in time.

as always, i really appreciate the time and effort you put on this blog.