Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Everything about this editorial is conventional, but for some reason I still like it. It's just a very nice change of pace to see Freja occupying such a feminine, common-place, standard role here (whoa, never thought I'd be so receptive to traditional stereotypes.....I must be getting old). In fact, it's kind of weird to see her in such a hetero-normative coupling. So for me, this unexpectedness makes up for any stylistic shortfalls the editorial may have. The novelty of it is exciting since Freja has never been the go-to girl for couple editorials.

State of Grace
Interview Magazine May 2011
Ph: Mikael Jansson
Styling: Karl Templer
Other Model: Tomek Szczukiecki

These images accompany an article about Valentino, so they're meant more as a display of fashion in the most literal sense. It's not necessarily about telling a story or getting the reader lost in some esoteric concept. It's about showing the reader what the article is all about. And so it makes sense that Freja was cast for this story, seeing how she has been a face for the brand two seasons in a row and is set to debut a new fragrance campaign any day now.

I still can't get over the fact that Freja is now pretty much synonymous with the Valentino brand. It just goes to show you that fashion houses, in addition to models, can change their image too. Some people might think they're strange bedfellows, but I've explained before why I think they're a really good fit. And like someone on Fashin so aptly pointed out, "accusing freja of doing only masculinity well is so 2 years ago." Amen to that.

Image Credits: courtesy of fashion_screen livejournal


Gabrielle said...

P.S.the other model looked exactly the same in those three pages lol

Rrose Sélavy said...

^LOL! I didn't even see that. You're right...he looks like he's photoshopped into each shot. :P